Dating as a Single Mom.

By Ikenga Chronicles December 20, 2016

Dating as a Single Mom.

There are things that a single mom needs in this world. Things like…

(a) a husband,
(b) a father figure for her children,
(c) another income earner (sometimes a sole income earner),
(d) a babysitter or
(e) all of the above.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

We can pay our own damn bills, thank you very much!

There are several obstacles to dating as a single mom, obstacles like finding child care, being able to afford child care and dating while keeping said children in child care the number one priority.

Sadly, another obstacle that single moms face is the assumption that we’re looking for any or all of the above.

I cannot count the number of times a dating interest has made a comment to clarify his income, ability to support me or his ability to interact well with my children. I’ve even had a few casually toss out that they wouldn’t mind step-parenting. Several have even gone so far as to ask me to clarify my income situation.

Perhaps all of these statements simply result from the awkwardness of dating a single parent. I don’t know. I’ve never been a single parent before. I do know, however, that those who ask for specifics on my income get shown the door. Additionally, most single moms are not out there in the dating world looking for any of the aforementioned list.

Those of us who aren’t looking wouldn’t necessarily object to finding someone who we may fall in love with and want to marry. There’s not even an objection to finding an eventual father-figure. But that’s not our primary mission in life. And it’s insulting that, so often, it seems like there’s a picture being painted that we are, in fact, looking for these things and these things alone.

As a matter of fact,…



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