Customs Ready For Showdown With Owners of Over 1000 Underutilized PAARs

By Ikenga Chronicles September 12, 2018

Customs Ready For Showdown With Owners of Over 1000 Underutilized PAARs

The Nigeria Customs Service(NCS) has stated that it is ready for a showdown with owners of over 1,000 unutilized Pre-Arrival Assessment Report(PAAR) and unpaid assessment.

The new Customs Area Controller(CAC) of Apapa Area 1 command of Nigeria Customs Service,Comptroller Abubakar Bashir, who gave this hint said their licenses would be blocked and they may face arrest.

Bashir therefore warned companies to come forward for verification to ensure they are cleared before such actions would be taken against them.

He said, “When you have un-utilized PAAR or unpaid assessment, I don’t invite you because you know about it already, so there is no need for me to invite you, it’s just action. What is the action?

“One, blocking you, your company will not be able to carry any cargo in any of the ports in Nigeria. Two, if you don’t act again, find a way to go and seal up your company if you are the agent. If you are the importer, I seal off the company, arrest whoever I want to arrest because it amounts to economic sabotage.

“Please disseminate this information and you will be surprised you have an importation, the cargo you have not taken it, it is still in the port, meanwhile, your company’s name is in the list of those that have not utilized their PAAR or you have even done the assessment but simply because you are having one issue or the other with any of the stakeholders like the shipping companies or the terminal operators, you have not been able to take your cargo, in customs circle, it will still be signaling to us that it has not been taken but you have done assessment, you have two problems now; one, you have done assessment, two, unutilized PAAR meanwhile, the cargo is still in the ports.

“So, as a professional, you need to understand what the turnaround date for qualification of overtime cargo is; it is twenty-eight days.

“Any cargo you have within any of the customs formations within Nigeria, after twenty-eight days, Nigeria Customs Service can take that cargo and write to the court and court will give us court condemnation and the Nigerian government has right over that cargo legally both in CEMA and through the Nigerian Constitution. Let us take not of that.”