Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Missing

By Ikenga Chronicles October 30, 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Missing

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably one of the best footballers of all time.His clinching of the 2017 FIFA Men’s Best Player of the year, helped underscore this, as the Portuguese was finally able to match his arch rival, Lionel Messi’s record of five world best player trophies.As it seems though, Ronaldo’s appearance in London to pick up the award was the last time he was “seen”!

It isn’t often that the Spanish La Liga gets to match week 10, without having Cristiano Ronaldo amongst the top ten goal scorers. Believe it or not, that is the case so far, this season. While players like West Ham failure, Zazza are in the top three, the almighty Ronaldo is far removed from the top ten having gone missing in many La Liga games this season.

Many may argue that in the UEFA Champions League, Ronaldo has been prolific, and currently tops the scorer’s log,yet a key fact cannot be denied: which is that it does appear that finally, the Portuguese may finally be losing his scoring tricks in leagues.

As players get older, they begin to lose certain strengths. What the more brilliant ones do, is to find key areas to channel all of their strengths to, in order to continue to dominate that particular area. Chelsea legend, Frank Lampard did it with his late runs, which ensured that he continued to rack up the numbers in terms of goal scoring, while Pirlo focused more on his pass distribution and set pieces.For Cristiano Ronaldo, it seems that he is beginning to focus more on cup competitions, where the number of games are limited.

This may explain why even though he continues to fire blanks in the league(this began since last season),he has continued to dominate the Champions league.

Whatever may be the case, it is certainly too early to write him off, as many times, he has been able to pull his acts together and head back to the top, after he had been written off.Maybe he will do that again, and begin to dominate the La Liga as he once used to.

Either way, let pro-Messi fans bask in the euphoria of mocking him by reminding his fans that “Ronaldo has gone missing!”