Cricket As Trump’s Muslim Dictator Friend Is Killing Armenian Christians

By Ikenga Chronicles October 25, 2020

Cricket As Trump’s Muslim Dictator Friend Is Killing Armenian Christians

— Vitus Ozoke

How many of you have heard about a small nation called Armenia? Perhaps, not many. But if you live in the Los Angeles area, you should have heard about Armenia, because there are over 200,000 Armenians in Los Angeles. Kim Kardashian and the entire Kardashian tribe are Armenians.

Well, that Christian nation is under fire. It is being shelled and bombed out of existence in a genocidal plot by its Islamic neighbor, Azerbaijan, openly and actively supported by the Turkish dictator, President Erdogan, Donald Trump’s friend. This has been going on since July. The dispute this time is over Armenia’s land of Artsakh.

So a Christian nation is being bombed out of existence and it is cricket radio silence from Donald Trump. Not even the pleas of Kim Kardashian and the Armenian superstar son-in-law Kanye West could move our Christian-pretending, Bible-inverting, self-proclaimed chosen one to lift a finger against President Erdogan and stop the genocidal massacre of Armenian Christians.

Where are the so-called evangelicals? Where are those shameless gay-bashing yet pedophilic hypocrites? Where are those pretentious pro-lifers yet anti-poor people impostors? Where are the Jerry Falwells and other fake life evangelical bastards? Has the cat gut their tongues? Thousands of Christian lives are being snuffed out in a genocidal onslaught by Donald Trump’s Muslim dictator friend and you have chosen to hold your peace.

Guys, can we bring the plight of Armenians to the world? Can we develop hashtags for the genocidal massacre of this poor Christian nation? Can we make known to the world that the only reason Donald Trump has refused to act to stop the bloodletting in Christian Armenia is because Donald Trump’s Turkish Muslim dictator friend has told him to turn a blind eye? Can we call on our so-called American evangelicals to talk to their self-proclaimed chosen one to balk a dictator for once and defend and protect this Christian nation? And why is the Biden/Harris campaign not making this a campaign issue? They should.

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