COVID 19: Time America Comes To Senses

By Ikenga Chronicles March 28, 2020

COVID 19: Time America Comes To Senses

— By Tai Emeka Obasi

I have read some novels, watched some movies depicting global doomsday but I never imagined what is presently going on around God’s world. China was devastated, Iran is gasping for breath, Italy is completely helpless and the United States, of all countries, is overwhelmed.

China could be excused because they were taken unawares.

But look at Italy! They so nonchalantly welcomed Chinese returning from visits to their country back into Italy with open arms, hugging and having merry with them. What followed? God’s wrath. A novel disease was plaguing a huge nation like China and all a supposed smart government like Italy’s would do was become overtly stupid. By the time it dawned on them, it was far too late that the Pope had to shut down the Vatican.

Look at Iran. They called for prayers against the virus, gathered together over 60, 000 people. Two weeks later, they started dying like pigeons!

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Now, look at US…they knew their trade relationship with China, the huge migration both directly and indirectly between both countries, had all the Intel to be very cautious and prepared for this novel virus but what did they do?

America tore themselves apart with a needless impeachment process. Nancy Pelosi knew the morning after the impeachment dream that President Donald Trump wouldn’t be removed from office as long as the Republicans controlled the Senate but still went ahead with the process. Apparently the House Speaker was counting on Adam Schiff to conclude the smear campaign that would be useful in November.

And both sides fought dirty, extremely dirty! While they were destroying America, an enemy was creeping up on them, like a thief in the dark.

When the impeachment ended, the war continued. From the Iowa Caucus , it was very evident that a campaign that started with the impeachment would tear America down the middle.

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Both parties continued with caucuses.

And the crowd trooping out were mammoth. If indeed China intended to spread this virus all over as believed, those caucuses grounds in America were veritable catchment areas.

And like it happened over seven decades ago in Pearl Harbour, America was cut pants down by another dreaded enemy!

God warned them and gave them enough to learn from China but they ignored Him. And now paying a very heavy price!

Yesterday, the Congress passed $2 trillion, bringing it to $3 trillion already approved for Coronavirus in a space of less than two weeks! And that is about 14% of America’s GDP. I don’t know which other war has cost America as much.

And it may only be the beginning!

Yes, it may be because the people from God’s own country are still trading blames. The Democrats are busy trying to use COVID-19 as a perfect tool to send Trump packing by November while Trump is fighting for his life, looking for a quick fix and plotting perfect monologues for his victory tweets.

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The danger, of course, is that these men and women are still very vulnerable – they have not learned from their mistakes. They’re still acting as if mankind was made for elections instead of the other way round.

I honestly do not wish it, but common sense tells me that America could be worse hit than Italy if they do not come immediately to their senses, throw partisan politics over the bar, join both Republican and Democrats hands, go take a walk around the statue of liberty, think deeply outside the box, then grab and fix this intractable enemy for good. The world expect them to do that asap and they shouldn’t disappoint.

I know people will ask me why am I still interested in America when this dreaded virus is already in Nigeria and spreading characteristically. America is the capital of the modern world. When they sneeze the whole world should catch cold. And when they smile, it is usually infectious. Most importantly, I know that once America finds a cure, it will trickle down to my dear country almost immediately.

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I don’t believe a word coming out of China regarding this virus. Neither do I believe those from Russia. America runs a transparent system that one can trust them in such global pandemic. I can trust Israel, who did marvellously by taking firm measures immediately China started playing pranks. I can trust Germany, who like Israel, have been excellent in managing and containing the spread.

Something tells me the world would be saved from this menace by the combination of these three democratic countries.

Meanwhile, stay safe wherever you are.

In God we trust.