COVID-19: Application Of Common Sense

By Ikenga Chronicles March 29, 2020

COVID-19: Application Of Common Sense

— By Tai Emeka Obasi

Till today, most people still don’t know exactly how China came about this virus. But any keen observer would conclude China did sinister things, judging from how this virus was effectively contained in Wuhan(never infecting other cities in a vast country of 9.597 million square kilometres) but found its way into every other part of the world, including my dear country that is over 11,000 kilometres away.

China battled this virus for over three months, yet refused to tell the world exactly the characteristics of this deadly enemy that is increasingly looking like a man-made plague.

COVID-19: America Loses Touch, They Better Find It And Pronto

Early prognosis suggested this very intractable enemy is not resistant to higher temperatures. Experts affirmed that it never survives beyond a temperature of between 26 – 27 degrees Celcius on its own but can live comfortably while causing excessive damage inside a body which is constantly around 37 degrees Celcius.

But no sooner had this assertion emanated than different sources started debunking the temperature angle as a farce. I took so much time researching and researching Coronavirus and temperatures. At a point, I started believing China is throwing a lot of misinformation all over the place, evidently desperate to make certain this virus goes round. The only conclusive aspect of it is that the great Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT is still researching to give an authoritative statement on how this dreaded microorganism reacts to different levels of temperature exposure. But while waiting for the renowned institution’s white paper, my common sense went to work.

Coronavirus And Four Yoruba Proverbs

  1. Wuhan, China: In this commercial city of 11.08 million inhabitants, December is known as its coldest moments, ranging from temperature of 2 to 11 degrees Celcius. This virus chose this moment to attack it!
  2. Italy: The worst hit country! It hit Italy in February. February is a cold winter month in Rome with temperatures ranging from 3.3 to 12.8 degrees Celcius.
  3. United States: Presently very close to chaos, particularly in New York. New York, with about 75% cases of the virus in America, has its temperature in March ranging from 2 to 11 degrees Celsius.
  4. Spain: The country with the second highest number of deaths(5,982 as I type) from this new enemy of mankind. Its capital Madrid had an average temperature in February (when it hit them) ranging from 2 to 12 degrees Celsius.
  5. Iran: Iran was hit early in January. This month Iran’s temperature ranged from 1.2 to 8.3 degrees Celsius.
  6. Germany: Despite the fact that Germany has done marvellously in handling this virus to record only 433 deaths, the virus is nonetheless forcing its spread. Germany has a whooping 57,695 cases despite her efforts. Their average temperature of 1 degree Celsius down to freezing level seems a very favourable temperature for this dreaded enemy.

COVID 19: Time America Comes To Senses

Summarily, a research made in early March revealed that 95% of the cases of Coronavirus all over the world happened in areas with temperature ranging from -2.2 to 4.4 degrees Celcius. My common sense refuses to swallow this as mere coincidence.

I concluded, with common sense, that this menace thrives in lower temperatures. However, it doesn’t mean that those living in hotter regions are immune to this decease.

Let’s apply common sense once more. The normal body temperature of any human is about 37 degrees. This virus lives comfortably inside anybody with this assumably unfavorable temperature.

Covid-19: Facing Reality

Why do we get cases in Nigeria then? Nigeria’s average temperature since this holocaust began has been quite favourable. But most cases in Nigeria came from those coming into Nigeria from other countries.

Once infected at that colder region, the virus stays inside the comfortable body temperature which regulates itself no matter the weather. So our hot weather doesn’t save one already infected.

Why then have people who haven’t traveled outside the country tested positive? Simple – the carrier like Abba Kyari comes down from an air-conditioned aircraft, walks into air-conditioned vehicles, drives into Aso Rock and straight into air-conditioned residence and offices, all well below 26 degrees Celsius. That’s how he shared it. If he had been free at Abuja out room temperatures of well over 30 degrees, no one could have been infected through him.

ABBA KYARI: It’s Hard Not To Feel Offended

Now, even if China doesn’t want us to know our advantage and how to effectively contain this virus, let’s make use of our common sense to improve our safety measures in Nigeria and stay alive.

a. Don’t use air-conditioned cars, don’t sleep in air-conditioned rooms or hotels. In fact, stop using A/C in your homes, offices, cars.

b. Our hotels should stop ‘chilling’ their receptions and even rooms.

c. Our airports should quit using air conditioners all over.

d. Always check temperature with your phone before stepping out. Don’t go out whenever the temperature is below 28 degrees Celsius.
As I type, the temperature in my room in Awka is 27 degrees Celsius. No air-conditioning. If I must, I won’t go out with the temperature at the lower limit. Too risky. If I must go out, I’ll wait till it’s above 30 degrees. At that temperature, no Coronavirus is supposed to be alive on any surface. Even if a carrier coughs it out, the idiot (virus) will die instantly at such high temperature.

Common sense tells us equally that when you have cough or catarrh that you don’t drink cold stuff. These are COVID-19 symptoms.

This Bag of Nothingness!

Of course, we shouldn’t ignore all the other rules of social distancing just because our weather is hot. That will be challenging God. The Almighty is protecting us with the weather. We must acknowledge and respect His magnanimity by obeying the rules to the best of our ability.

Stay at home as much as you possibly can, don’t shake even your father or hug your mum, don’t go to any gathering, use sterilizers as often as you can afford, do every other thing as directed wherever you are to stay safe.

To our big shoes, who go outside to bring this virus home… Immediately you come home, step into the hot sun, avoid air-conditioned conveniences until you’re tested or quarantined. If you tested positive, stay in that country, go into quarantine and get cured. Testing positive is no death sentence especially for a black man. Don’t bring this enemy home to a government that is extremely ill-equipped to handle this menace.

Buba Galadima: Encounter With A Stormy Petrel

This virus kills but the social and economic chaos it brings are immeasurable! Nigerian government can’t handle 10, 000 cases. I can imagine the chaos in this country if 10,000 patients are being treated by the Federal Government at same time. But truth is that, with our population and way of life, it could be more than 100,000 infected at a time if we’re not careful.

Stay safe wherever you are and pray continuously for God to continue to hold back the rain till this mayhem is over.

May God continue to protect us.