COVID-19: America Loses Touch, They Better Find It And Pronto

By Ikenga Chronicles March 25, 2020

COVID-19: America Loses Touch, They Better Find It And Pronto

— By Tai Emeka Obasi

Maybe I was hugely influenced by western books and movies, I grew up seeing the United States of America as what any country should aspire to be.

Their democracy has been topnotch and the freedom of expression unequalled.

And they have the economy to boast for their liberty and strength in unity. Since 1871, they have held on as world’s top economy.

Today, their GDP is over $21 trillion, about a quarter of the total world GDP. They are still number one even though China has been closing the gap for the past two decades and presently just about $7 trillion dollars behind. Even though China presently towers above the men of stars and stripes in PPP, China’s population ensures that GDP per capita leaves America untouched as the world’s economy numero uno.

But recently, China, buoyed by their deserved economy surge as world’s economic super power, has been flexing muscles with America. It used to be the other communist enclave, the former USSR, that battled America so much that the resultant Cold War became a competition turned into espionage and counter espionage in extreme measures. Great writers like Frederick Forsythe reaped bountifully from turning these constant battle for supremacy into incredibly fascinating stories that blended fact with fiction.

But in 1991, the 44- year old war ended with Russia disintegrating into 15 independent republics. The men of hammer and sickle cried quits in the face of hard economic times. Nuclear armaments cost fortunes and America dragged them to elastic limit.

Today, another super power has risen – China. And if the world had been suspecting that a another cold war was brewing, the coming of Coronavirus all but confirmed the new cold war is already on.

China’s first case of COVID-19 was on December 1, a man, whose wife developed same symptoms five days later. It was enough warning that this novel virus could be contagious from human-to-human.

But China did what shocked the world. They knew early enough in December that this deadly virus was highly contagious from one human to another but chose to deceive the world.

They fooled the World Health Organisation into believing it was only animal to human transmission. WHO, in turn, misinformed the world.

On the other hand, China fueled the propaganda that the American Army manufactured COVID-19 as a biological weapon and dropped in Wuham. An allegation Russia quickly collaborated.

At this point America should have been very alert. They should have asked why Russia closed its 2,600 miles length of border with China very early if this virus was not transmitted from one human to another.

Why were American big birds in name of satellites worthy of their permanent abodes in the skies if they couldn’t detect activities in Wuham were highly suspicious? Of what value is the CIA and their long list of double agents that betrayed their countries for lucre if they couldn’t garner valuable information that China was up to something sinister?

Did the CIA work with their closest allies, the Mossad in trying to decipher why China was telling the world one thing and doing another?

While China was spraying many streets with all manner of chemicals did it need more than ordinary common sense to decode that this virus is highly contagious from one person to another?

If America failed to nail China’s intentions to the mast then they don’t deserve to still hold onto that superpower status.

So, I believe they had accurate information. Now, why did America allow many people carry the virus into America either directly or indirectly from China? Why didn’t America warn the world that China intended to infect the whole world with this virus?

And more questions – why did a virus China battled for three months while the whole world observed closely seemingly catch superpower America by surprise?

How damaging were the processes of the impeachment where America lost most of what made up the character the world respected her for with the most acrimonious and partisan lust for power?

With Adam Schiff leading a very hostile and acid-worded House Impeachment managers, the American Senate chamber that entertained the globally followed process witnessed exchanges America may never recover from.

With Nancy Pelosi tearing the President’s address while the whole world watched, America self-destructed her presidency for treating the man in office for who he is instead of employing appropriate decorum for what he is.

The price is a pandemic that knows no boundary.

Another huge question – was President Donald Trump getting ready for the external aggressor while an enemy within swept the carpet from under his feet? Could there have been a nocturnal agreement to derail Trump with the invasion of this virus while November approached? It has happened before and no doubt will continue to happen. In the covert world, it is called a sting.

And talking of stings, China had a huge one over America. The Chinese secret service, the MSS may have only been founded in 1983, but in this COVID-19 business, they took the age-long CIA to the cleaners.

In this COVID-19 horror, America embarrassed themselves and their allies. They have lost touch. And the only saving grace is not only to find it but also pronto.

The last time I was disappointed in America was making Muhammadu Buhari Nigeria’s president. And I am very disappointed this very minute!

The people of God’s Own Country must throw away their political acrimony and work together to find a cure to this virus. Otherwise, if the people of the red flag beats them to it, which I suspect they already have, and then send to countries they infected as aids, American may never catch up in the next decade. By then the Chinese Language may have been a compulsory subject in most schools of the world, including Nigeria.

The world can’t afford a communists-dominated world. Trump, you gotta find your country’s touch and fast.

May God help us all.