The Manifold Lies Of This Government– Gboyega Adejumo

By Ikenga Chronicles June 22, 2016

Only rulers as deceivers risk finding out how far out the people can be pushed towards the precipice. When pushed too far…

This President has shot himself in the foot! Being a soldier still and not the repentant democrat he claimed to be in his Strachan House speech, which I now believe he never assimilated, but only read, for the purpose it was meant to serve. Kayode Fayemi may have to write these speeches well ahead of time and read it aloud, a few times to the hearing if this President who is evidently hard of hearing.

So, he continues to treat everyone as a Biafran target, every issue as a nail and every solution, via a bullet or a hammer!

A Great philosopher, Plato, once said, “Human behavior flows from the three main sources:
The first two, abound to every man and as many as strive to, develop these to the level of their ability and satisfaction.However the third part, which is knowledge often becomes elusive.

Knowledge becomes elusive, for the most part, because some people are just not used to an environment where excellence is expected, and where liberty is elusive. And liberty cannot be preserved without knowledge among the people!

The Yoruba, aptly captured this in this saying that in the city of the blind, a one-eyed man is king!

The Nigerian government is a deceit! And Nigerians have been deceived for far too long!
The “change” mantra may yet continue to deceive us, but with adequate knowledge, our collective psyche cannot be subdued for long.
Sooner than later those of the deceivers will know, knowledge has the power to open our doped eyes, and also shelter us from their lies, deceit and subterfuge!

It is no surprise, that the Halliburton saga and the role of Aisha Buhari is here again presented – -like the saying goes, “A lie can trend for a score of years, yet a little treat as minimal as the reckoning of a day, the truth catches up and subsumes all that a lie has wrought”!

That Aisha Buhari was the courier and receiver of the slush funds in the dealings involving United States Congressman William Jefferson and Nigerian Vice president Atiku Abubakar had long been established! And it has once again become fundamental to situate the truth of the matter, along the path of honor, of knowledge!

Enough is enough! We the people, should no more, sell our intelligence on the Altar of politics and political fealties, for we only in return buy bewilderment.

We were bewildered when in the wake of the certificate saga involving the inability of this President to present his secondary school certificate, a forged statement of results was quickly provided what bears Buhari’s recent passport photograph and Katsina state, when Katsina state was not even in existence as at 1961. When the said Buhari purportedly sat for the Cambridge overseas examination. Buhari is in court today and that same forged certificate cannot be used by his legal team!


We are again now having our intellects violated by these same poor forgers and liars in the position of authority! This President seems not to know that a leader, to be successful, must respect one rule : never lie to yourself!

How many times has this President lied to us; promising many things and never fulfilling any? Many times this has happened and not in any of such times has he done the right thing by the people – tell the truth!

The President chases mirages.Today, the once vibrant economy–the first in Africa–is but a shadow.

The presidency and the EFCC needed not have insulted our collective intelligence any further than they had hitherto been doing. But to come up with another set of poorly executed forgery, in a desperate bid to exonerate Aisha Buhari in the matter of her involvement with the Halliburton case, is a rape too many on our delicate sensibilities and extremities.

We have been sodomized enough.

Consider the speed at which a spurious data page of an Aisha Mohammadu Buhari’s passport was generated to be fed once again on an uninformed followership. How we wish Buhari’s certificate can so creatively be sprung up, so we can lap it up once again like dogs.
And what a sickening effort to keep the polity permanently fooled!

First, a face that is more masculine than feminine is superimposed on a data page.A passport photograph of a carrier of an international passport that wears a headtie! And where is that done?

First, let us examine the profile of the woman who could rightly represent the vice president in a transfer of large amounts of US Dollars. A high profile woman of repute, a woman to be trusted to handle a large amount of money, a woman who preferably has an account that congressman Jefferson confessed he paid $170,000 to, on Atiku’s instructions.

So I ask, for a transaction of that nature the holder of the account must be a very solid member of the Nigerian community with a fat account herself, lest she draw attention to herself. Does this woman in the purported data page  look like that kind of person? It was a bank transfer and not raw cash.
And isn’t the Aisha Buhari we know fond of wearing expensive jewelry, shoes and bags? And don’t we all remember her Cartier wristwatch worth USD 50,000, worn at the inauguration of her husband?

Shall we also have a good look at the purported passport data page as presented to us?
A quick check on that passport shows it was issued in August 2012! A clear way of writing the date of issue would be 14 AUG/Août, but this forgery, shows 14 AUG/ACO. What the hell is that?

We have placed a proper passport data page alongside this forgery to show how FAKE and despicable the attempt to cover the truth has become. In the example provided, 1 OCT /OCT shows how the month should have been written, instead of AUG/ACO, it should have been AUG/Août, like the OCT/OCT! This particular part of Atiku and Aisha in the Halliburton saga, happened in between 2002 and 2005!And Daura is put there as date of birth and Washington DC as place of issuance in 2012!
Are they saying a woman indicted on a high powered corruption case that sent a US citizen, a Congressman for that matter to jail– a Nigerian woman involved in taking bribes from congressman William Jefferson– will be so free to walk the streets of America and consequently be reissued a Nigerian passport in Washington DC? Aye ma nika Ooo!

All that the presidency and the EFCC would ever need to do is enlist the TWO PERSONALITIES, that can categorically clear Aisha Buhari, if she is not the said woman in the Halliburton saga –
1, President Obasanjo
2, Vice president Atiku Abubakar

Buhari knows, EFCC and APC know that the only TWO people who must not talk and if they are to talk will damage or clear them are Atiku and Obasanjo. Why haven’t these “deceivers” mentioned to us that Abubakar Atiku knows who this Aisha is and he is ready to testify?

And if Atiku won’t talk, why not come out to say President Obasanjo knows this Aisha and is ready to say it is not Buhari’s wife?

But, I can assure everyone that Aisha and Buhari will not go free! Atiku has ambitions and Obasanjo wants to show always that he fears no one and he will not compromise the Truth!

It is only a matter of time.

When our leaders who should be dealers of hope, turn out to be rulers and dealers of lies, then it behoves those with knowledge to impact same to the deprived populace.This message then must get to the good people of Nigeria, whose intellect have been raped, trampled on for far too long

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