Coronavirus Is Not An Invisible Enemy And Donald Trump Is Not A War-Time President

By Ikenga Chronicles March 28, 2020

Coronavirus Is Not An Invisible Enemy And Donald Trump Is Not A War-Time President

— Dr. Virus Ozoke

Donald Trump has called coronavirus the invisible enemy and has called himself a war-time president. Both claims are false. Coronavirus is not an invisible enemy, it is a known and clearly mapped and profiled enemy. Just because Donald Trump chose to live in denial (out of self-centered political calculation), calling the enemy a hoax, does not make coronavirus an invisible enemy. No, it just makes Donald Trump a sight-impaired lousy soldier.

Twenty-First Century Biafra: A Different Kind Of War

As for being a war-time president, Donald Trump is not a war-time president in the sense he meant that comment and in the sense we understand it. How can you be a war-time president when you run out of the stage at a sneeze by a civilian woman in her sixties? A war-time president who is on lockdown and can’t leave his bedroom? A war-time president when your entire troop is on lockdown?

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Yes, we are at war; the enemy is known and visible; and gallant heroes and warriors are in the front lines, fighting the enemy and saving lives. They are fighting and winning that war, not because of, but in spite of, Donald Trump’s denialism and obstruction. Nurses, doctors, EMS staff, and first responders are the soldiers in the front lines. They are the war-time presidents. Donald Trump just happens to be a tweeting president at a time when nurses and doctors are fighting an existential war. When the war is over, treasonable undermining and obstruction of war effort may be something to consider.