Conspiracy Theorists And The American Idiots

By Ikenga Chronicles January 12, 2021

Conspiracy Theorists And The American Idiots

— Vitus Ozoke

One revelation of last week is that America has the most idiots of any first world civilization. And I suspect it’s in part a failure or flaw of America’s education system. America’s education system is a victim of the toxic mix of excellence and freedom. Excellence because America hosts the finest colleges and universities in the world. And freedom because the system allows its citizens the free choice to opt out of that excellent American education system.

In America, it is not against the law for a child to drop out of school to pursue other life and career paths. As a matter of fact, it is encouraged. Kids can choose to join any of the professional leagues, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, rather than go to college. Blue collar jobs, as good and as American as it sounds, is a product of that rugged rebellious American freedom. More than 80 percent of blue collar workers, working in construction, manufacturing, maintenance, and mining, bucked school. On a surface level analysis, there’s nothing wrong with that; well, until there’s something wrong with that.

More than 80 percent of avid consumers of conspiracy theory are blue collar school dropouts. They do not invent the theories, because, obviously, they lack the intellectual sophistication needed to do that. They simply consume them, uncritically. And because they are uncritical consumers of theories, even the most ridiculously false and fact checkable theories, they become pawns in the hands of agenda-driven conspiracy theorists. So, they are not conspiracy theorists, they are conspiracy theory consumers.

Now, there are two types of conspiracy theorists: the intellectual conspiracy theorist and the profiteering conspiracy theorist. The former have the mental and brain muscle to articulate and drive a prima facie plausible theory. They do not do it for any monetary profit, ideological obfuscation maybe. They are simply intellectually dishonest. You will find in this group highly degreed and certificated seditionist ideologues like Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Josh Hawley.

The profiteering conspiracy theorists, on the other hand, are driven by neither intellectualism nor ideology. They may spout and plagiarize intellectual contents and feign ideological affinity, but their core driver is crowd-sourced profit. They are neither impressively degreed nor certificated. You will find Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, and several conservative radio and TV hosts in this group. Those are the theory chefs who cook what the blue collar Joe uncritically consumes. When these two dangerous groups cook together, seditious disaster is their recipe, and straight violent vodka is their cocktail.

And so, table is set for the uncritical consumer. He is unable to read calorie warnings and labels. He does not care for alcohol volume warning, as he eats himself into a poisonous and pseudo patriotic gluttony, and drinks herself into a seditious stupor. And with a little dessert of nationalist weed, he flies into a supremacist rage of insurrectionist mayhem. In his knuckleheaded delirious excitement, he bares his face and badge to security cameras, and will be arrested like the American idiot that he is.

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