The Church Scandal (Episode 3)

By Ikenga Chronicles March 4, 2018

The Church Scandal (Episode 3)

A month after Lady Valerie’s burial, Family meeting was held at the family house in Ukana iba.
Everyone were dressed in black attires.

Mfon held his nine month old daughter Mimi in his hands. while his wife Eno sat right beside him.

Moments before the meeting started, Uduak appeared in a black Cinderella dress. Eno looked at her meanly from her head to her feet, she was irritated by Uduak’s sight.

“Good morning everyone.” She greeted politely. Everyone answered in chorus except Inibehe and Eno.

“What is she doing here?” Inibehe asked, looking at Mfon’s face.

“For the meeting. She is going to be family soon.” Mfon replied smugly.

Bishop Cosmos cleared his throat and said, “Be quiet everyone. Y’all heard what your mother said in her last moments. We should all honor her words and keep to the promises we made.”

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“I didn’t promise mama that I was going to marry Uduak. I only listened to her wishes”

“Don’t be stupid!” Mfon growled. “Nobody disobeys mom. You must do what ever she said, at least in honor of her memories.”

Deliberately, Inibehe stared hard at Mfon. He didn’t say a word.

“You have heard your elder brother Ini, you have to marry Uduak as soon as possible. When are you graduating from missionary school?” his father asked boldly.

“Next month.” He replied.


everyone clapped excitedly for Inibehe.

“It’s so sad that your mother won’t be there.” Bishop gave a loud sigh. He turned to Mfon and asked, “When are you leaving for America with your wife?”

“In two days dad.” Mfon replied abruptly.

He turned to his daughter and asked
“And you Sifon?”

“I will stay till my wedding with Usoro. We are waiting for you to keep the date.”

“Why is he not here?”

“He is with Bishop Ananias for a meeting with the other pastors.”

“Good.” Bishop nodded.

He then turned to Inibehe and asked
“And you Inibehe, when are we visiting Uduak’s family?”

Inibehe was mute for a moment before he reluctantly replied oddly. ” I don’t know yet.”

“What do you mean you don’t know yet? You have to do this for mom Ini.” Sifon sneered.

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He was still mute. All what he needed was a sleep; something he hasn’t been able to achieve since his mother died.

“Getting married to Uduak wasn’t planned.”
He finally said boldly.

“Why? Tell me why you’re always the stubborn and difficult one among the three of us? Why won’t you marry Uduak? Mom gave you a virgin and such a delectable beautiful woman for a wife and you’re taking forever to just do it!”

Eno; Mfon’s wife pushed a strand of her hair drooping moistly against her forehead before she said shrilly, “Let Inibehe follow his heart Honey, he is matured.”

“Shut up woman! are you saying that my mom’s wishes should be forgotten just like that?

Eno rolled her eyes and didn’t say another word. She was a stylish woman, hard to crack and hated to be commanded. Lady Valerie’s death relieved her of a lot of things. She hated her so much because She controlled her husband Mfon and everything he owned. They had never been friends until her dead.

She inserted a chewing gum in her mouth and stood to walk away. “I need to ease myself. “she said, and walked away, making sound with her stiletto heel.

Bishop stared at Inibehe directly in the eye. He had anger in his tone. “I will never forgive you if after your graduation you don’t come back to take the wife your mother made for you.”

His father’s incredulous expression amazed him. He had wondered why being married to Uduak was that important to the family.

Inibehe turned and stared at Uduak, his eyes narrowed. There was absolutely nothing intriguing about her that got him bewildered. Apart from the fact she looked reserved and resolute. She looked like someone who was homely trained. But she wasn’t Inibehe’s kind of woman.

“Dad, I have spent thirty good years of my life doing all what you and mom asked me to do. I wanted to be a computer engineer, you said no. Mom said she wants me be a pastor, you supported her. The both of you didn’t care if that was my dream. God didn’t call me into this, you both did. While in London, I had to go to an online university and a missionary school all at the same time, just because I want to achieve my own dreams”

“Your mother and I want the best for you and your siblings.”

“I know what I want. If Mfon and Sifon decide to obey you and mom, and to live your own dreams, fine. Good for them. I can’t live in that discomfort anymore. The bible didn’t say that.”

“Obey your parents in the lord, for it good. honor your father and your mother. And you shall live long.”

“Not at my discomfort!” Inibehe yelled angrily.

“Shut up! Are you yelling at daddy? You just yelled at daddy Ini.” Sifon said angrily.

Bishop shrugged unhappily. While Uduak sat there, watching everyone argue and fight over Inibehe’s decisions.

“Inibehe…” The sound of his name on his father’s lips raised a lump of longing at the back of his throat. Inibehe sat there, but couldn’t utter a word.

“I don’t know what you will preach to your congregation when you’re ordained a pastor. But if you don’t obey your mother for this last time, you will be disowned!” bishop said bitterly and walked out of the sitting room. His head almost hitting the chandelier, he bent and walked passed.

There was silence in the air for moments.

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