Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and the Liliputian Darts from a Confederacy of Dunces!

By Ikenga Chronicles April 26, 2018

— By Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh

Jonathan Swift, who authored Gulliver’s Travels, a book in which he depicted the Liliputians as undersized midgets whose conceptual scheme and epistemic universe must necessarily conform to their minute natures, once said that we know the arrival of genius by the confederacy of dunces massed against him or her.

In that I regard, one cannot but simply agree that, with all the indicators, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a genius. And this toxic armada of concentrated hate, masking as critiques and critics is nothing but a confederacy of dunces. Yes! I said it. Come and beat me!

I for one, am not surprised that such a tsunami of torrential darts of liliputian provenance, are shot her way; from all fortresses of Nigerian mediocrity. Why would I be surprised?

The chronicles of history has shown that many eminent philosophers were there, who confirmed themselves eminent scoundrels; writing tomes in defense of slavery.

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Even the revered Aristotle was for slavery. Plato wasn‘t against the transactions in men as merchandise. Even the Angelic Doctor, the great St. Thomas Aquinas was for slavery. Do I need to remind anyone of the anthropological Metaphysics of Hegel, which embezzled The humanity of the black man. Hegel it was who announced to the world that the black man has no soul, and to that end lacks every capacity and facility to philosophize. Even the Holiest Office of the Christian church promulgated a papal Bull sanctioning the sale of Black humanity as slaves.

If all these citadels, and masters that controlled and influenced ancient, medieval and even modern and contemporary epistemology and civilization, could be so beholden to racist myopia, as to embezzle the Humanity of the black man; what do you think that they did to women? And what do you think that they bequeathed their posterity and descendants, except a heritage of those neuroses, they so gloriously peddled and canonized in their impious and magisterial pettiness?

I have always contended that the greatest evil of every exploitative Metaphysic and every belligerent estate of privilege has been its conscription of its victims in their own decimation.

You cannot imagine the number of black humanity that help scaffold and nourish the slave trade. You cannot even imagine some blacks, who even defended slavery as a god-sent institution. What about those who fell in love with the „ Massas“ of their oppression? And even wrote disquisitions and dissertations in defense of slavery. If history is to open her bowels and show us the number of our people, who collaborated with the metropoles of their oppression, you would shudder. At that instance, the sun will literally fall off our skies.

In Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s case, most of the women, whom her advocacy and stringent interrogation of the status quo, would ultimately benefit, who joined the infantry of fools supporting their oppression, are in this like their kindred spirits of yore. The brainwashing and indoctrination was total; and their Stockholm syndrome, a totalitarianism.

Niccolo Machiavelli had change agents like Adichie in mind, and the confederacy of dunces, that would be forever aligned against them across all battlefields of history; when he wrote in The Prince about the difficulties a Prince who wants change would encounter.

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Machiavelli knew that slaves, who inured to their indispositions, and captivity, would at a time come to prefer, acquiesce to, and even canonize those cheap comforts of slaveries that seemed eternal and insurmountable. Instead of rising against those tides, they scurry into diverse warrens of their individual attachments to life, no matter the level of indignity, which that life entails. They, quite unlike Patrick Henry, would prefer slavery to liberty. This is why they either sit on the fence and watch the reformer fight his or her battles alone; or even hate the reformer for daring to wake them up from their slumber to remind them of the poverty of their lives and station.

These same forces of yore are present and have been hovering around Chimamanda‘s take on the polite oppression of women, which has for centuries been dressed in subtle and haughty titles that are full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing.

On the specific issue of why feminism became inevitable; we must not forget also that Philosophers, Divines and great teachers also wrote tomes of epic nonsense, in denigration of women. Many wrote them off as weak and untrustworthy. Most of those authors, we now know, wrote to hide the impotence of their brittle masculinity and warped psychologies.

Religions even canonized them the epitome and gateway to evil. The book of Genesis consolidated that Judeo-christian nonsense, which has been the canon and template of women oppression, since Christianity became the State religion of the Roman Empire, at the instance of Constantine.

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St. Paul couched his own misogyny in christological terms; banishing women to the peripheries of irrelevance in the church. For Paul, they are necessary evils to be seen but not heard in the Church. After all, following his Jewish theology, the woman was tempted first and became the entrance of evil into creation. St. Augustine after whoring to his heart’s content, came to Jesus, and swallowed every anti-woman and misogynistic tendencies of St. Paul, and drank them to the dregs.

In this theology, the only pedestal of value for a woman, is that she is treated as a necessary evil to be legitimately fucked and impregnated within the bounds and bonds of marriage. Does bounds and bonds not sound delimiting, circumscribing and enslaving to you?

This is the theology brought to Africa by the buccaneering savageries of colonialism, masquerading as Christianity, to certain parts of Nigeria. This misogynistic theology married and impregnated the misogynies native to most of our local cosmo-sociologies.

This marriage was doomed to be conceptually socio-pathological. When two micro-universes or tectonic plates of hate meet, their impact is devastating. This is why the Nigerian misogynist, is a terrible creature of miserable schizophrenia. In him conglomerates all the forces, antipathies and polarities that ordinarily would never mix. His mind is a brewery of toxicity. He can be both Christian and traditional at the same time, without any dichotomy whenever he launches or deploys those toxic catalogues of his hate, against women and against anyone not like him; like gays and Muslims. He gloriously swims in those mires, even when his Christ preached love. And that irony is not even lost on him.

In Igbo cosmology could be found some of the most inveterate and corrugated celebrations of misogyny I have ever come across. Check out Igbo proverbs on women. The woman in Igbo cosmology is depicted as the precursor and retailer of evil.

Check out some examples.

1. Ka ma nwanyi ga ama mmanwu, obodo amara ihe emere ya!– Instead of a woman becoming privy to cult of our spirits, the community should undertake an enterprise to scuttle it.

2. Nkita nwanyi zuru, na ata akwa okuko — A dog trained by a woman is capable of destroying life in its embryonic stems.

3. Onye nwanyi na egbulu opi , na eji Okpa anwuna bee muo–A man that has a woman as her cheerleader, quickens his steps to the grave.

These and many others are the major staples that nursed some of the bullies, trying to shoot their darts of irrelevance at Ngozi Adichie. But most of their arguments come from such dogmatic provincialism that has been the blackholes of knowledge and advancement since the dawn of time.

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