Chika Anyiam: The Right Candidate

By Ikenga Chronicles February 21, 2016

— Ifeanyichukwu E. Uke

In a few days from now, the Dallas County Democratic Party will hold their Primary Election in an effort to select candidates that will contest against the Republican Party nominees for judges for various courtrooms in the November 2016 General Election. One of the benches that is up for grabs, following Democrat Hon. John Adam’s end of tenure in December 2016, is Criminal District Court No. 2, which handles serious adult felony cases.

There are three democratic candidates that eye the Criminal District Court No. 2 bench, and they are Chika Anyiam of Anyiam and Anyiam Law Firm, Nancy Kennedy of Mills and Williams, LLP, and Marilynn Mayse of Law Office of Marilyn Mayse. Without a doubt, and considering the experience these ladies have under their respective belts, any of them could occupy the Criminal District Court No. 2 bench. However, the Democratic Party can only field one of these ladies for the bench. So it boils down to selecting the best candidate for the job, and without a doubt, Chika Anyiam is best suited for the job, and here is why.

Chika Anyiam has over twenty-four years of proven track record of criminal legal defense, eighteen of them being in Dallas County. More so, she has the candor and straightforwardness inherent in judicial temperament. She bears such characterization as open-mindedness, commonsense, firmness, understanding, patience, courtesy, tact, compassion as well as punctuality. As a talented trial lawyer, she is knowledgeable, well versed in, and adept in applying the law to the presented facts. With her experience, she understands the implication of judicial decisions on the accused, the victim as well as their respective loved ones. Any wonder she vowed to make sure that the crime fits the punishment; therefore she pledged thus: “As judge of the Criminal District Court No. 2, I will be tough on crimes and those violent criminals who rape and vandalize our neighborhoods and keep us in fear.” She further pledged to ensure that true and timely justice is served for all. Chika Anyiam believes also in rehabilitative intervention through the criminal justice system. She holds that rather than those non- violent criminal offenders with mental health issues to rot in prison, they could be rehabilitated and re-absorbed into the society. In view of this, she is resolved in establishing a felony mental health diversion program that is geared toward behavioral modification that aims at rehabilitating those non-violent offenders with mental health struggles. Most importantly, she vows to utilize alternative sentencing as needed.

Further, Chika Anyiam has strong work ethics, a pleasant personality and communication skills that would enable her connect effectively and efficiently with those present in her courtroom such as the prosecutors, defense attorneys, jurors, as well as witnesses in a courteous and professional manner. Also, her calm and calculative demeanor gives her the ability to exercise forbearance amidst provocation, and in dealing with sensitive issues devoid of prejudicial countertransference or resentment.

Chika Anyiam is undeniably intelligent and calculative. She also exhibits strong analytical skills. These rare integrated leadership traits set her apart from her colleagues when it comes to discernment, perception and comprehension of different legal ideas and facts. I could write till eternity on why Chika Anyiam is the best candidate, and your best choice as the judge of Criminal District Court No. 2, but a quality product does not need much publicity. Chika Anyiam is the real and quality deal! The uncontestable fact remains that her judicial temperament, her inestimable intelligence, her strong work ethics, her unquestionable integrity, her courageous inclination, her ideas and agenda for the Criminal District Court No.  2, her strong communication and reflective listening skills, her level of professionalism, her character, and above all, her wad of experience set her above and apart from her opponents; any wonder she was selected by her peers as Dallas’ Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in 2014 and 2015, the only candidate who has such recognition in this race. When she is elected as judge, she will take the same level of professionalism she has as Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Dallas County to the bench of the Criminal District Court No. 2 as the best Judge in Dallas County. Most importantly, she has all it takes to defeat her republican opponent who does not even practice criminal law. That bench belongs to the Democratic Party; Chika Anyiam will retain that bench for her party.

These and many more leadership traits place Chika Anyiam above her opponents and make her the suitable candidate and your right choice. A vote for Chika Anyiam is a vote in the right direction. Again, a vote for her is a vote for true and timely justice; for accountability; for deterrence of violent crimes, and for measured punishment and or rehabilitation for non-violent crimes. Above all, a vote for Chika Anyiam is a total win for us all, for the Democratic Party, the Dallas County Justice System, and for Texas.

My name is Ifeanyichukwu Emmanuel Uke and I endorse Chika Anyiam’s candidacy for judge of the Criminal District Court No. 2 of Dallas County, Texas. On March 1, 2016, I implore all Dallas County residents to come out en masse to vote in the best choice- Chika Ada Anyiam as the next judge of the Criminal District Court No. 2; a decision you will be proud of and grateful for!  She is indeed tested and qualified!!


*Uke writes from Dallas, Texas.

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