“Can We Be More Than Just Friends?” – Lucy Needs Your Advice

By Ikenga Chronicles February 27, 2016

“Can We Be More Than Just Friends?” – Lucy Needs Your Advice

Hello Everyone!

After Val always comes clarity, right? Misconceptions and  misunderstandings characterise relationships, and sometimes, one  wonders how one’s relationship has survived without a crisis. This is not what we are going to be talking about anyway, we are going to share with a sister that needs a shoulder to cry on and words of advice.

Lucy lives and works in the suburbs of a little town, she is what you will call cute, with a nice figure and a cheerful face. She is very friendly with a nice smile that lights up her face, you can’t help but love her. Lucy is in love with her best friend, has been for more than a year now but could not tell him because according to her “he does not look like he wants to go the extra mile with their relationship”. They are just friends! Remember that movie –Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis? –well that is the case of our dear friend Lucy.

Just recently Lucy decided to take a plunge. She mustered enough courage and asked Paul if they can start dating officially. There was a long pause from him which made her rethink her move very fast. She suppressed the urge to flee and waited for his answer. He started in a way that will deflate her fears … he loves that they are great together, cherishes what they have but is scared they might lose it if they made it official. Her first reaction was confusion, then anger – how would anyone not want to make what they have better?

Her day went from excited to bad then worse and to that of mixed feeling. Lots of questions filled her head and made it difficult to think straight; what would she do?; how would she react to his position?; what does it all mean to their friendship?; would it be her fault if this causes a crack in what they have? Should she go on with him while pretending she doesn’t want more?

On the verge of breakdown, she decided to share her story and see what her options are. She knows Paul has deep feelings for her that is why she is so confused.

You can come in with solutions, and/or words of advice, remember we are here to help make our relationships better. Drop your comments below, let us help a sister in need!



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