Build Systems, Not Personalities.

By Ikenga Chronicles April 22, 2018

Build Systems, Not Personalities.

–Sola Sorinolu

My family once had a Christian neighbour. She was a single mother who lived with her daughter and grandchild. Each morning as this family prayed, we would only make out the voice of this woman. She would lead the praise and prayer session. Everytime.

A time there was that she travelled, prayer simply ceased in that home. That family’s prayer life was built around a personality, the mother.Like families, like organisations.

Did you know that there is no Nigerian-owned business that is 100 years old?

Cadbury, Nestle, and Guinness are not Nigerian-owned. JP Morgan Chase, Colgate, Citigroup, HarperCollins are examples of businesses who have outlived their founders and are still industry players because they ran on systems and not around their founders’ personalities.

A system is a method that creates order and sanity in your business even when you are not there. I know a company where nothing works when the founder/owner is out of town! How do you expect such a business to survive after his demise?

Building systems engender longevity.

Dear founder and owner, what system(s) are you putting in place to ensure that your business outlives you?


  • Sola Sorinolu is a Christian educator who believes in the pragmatic solutions that the Scripture proffers to life, career, business and family challenges. He is passionate about the extension of Christ’s influence in hearts and on earth. He can be reached via