Build Your Own Structure: Open Letter To Atiku Abubakar

By Ikenga Chronicles December 29, 2017

Build Your Own Structure: Open Letter To Atiku Abubakar

Dear Atiku,

In my heydays as a cub journalist, I had a painted picture of you as a mercurial political strategist, consummate politician and astute player in the Nigerian super structure. That mental carving of your persona began to deteriorate in accelerated speed. Your larger than life estimation was crumbling before my eyes as the fascinating mysteries in the figure called Atiku was being demystified and reduced to a tragic hero.

It started when you had all the armory, arsenal and battalions at your disposal in 2003. It was the build up to the general elections and everything was set for you to pull the rug off Obasanjo’s feet. You had all the critical stakeholders behind you and the people charmed by your acumen were willing for your ascendancy. Tragically, you did a detour, halted your move and dropped your ambition leaving all your foot soldiers stranded and shamed. It took divine favor for Mr Audu Ogbe not to end up in jail as Obasanjo made sure all his traducers who plotted against his 2nd term were humiliated.

When Obasanjo won his reelection, you became the hunted man as OBJ vowed to wreck you for denigrating his person. Remember how you made him go on both knees? Like a wounded lion, the man became venom filled and has lurked around to inflict vicious injuries on you. Seeing the obvious witch-hunt and persecutions, coupled with your great role against Obasanjo’s evil third term plot, the people stood by you, sympathized with you and welcomed you into another round of reckoning. Instead of working on that goodwill, you made another deadly political mistake when you jumped ship into the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). In the ACN, you became a stranger and had to hide behind the shadow of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu – a man who suffered all forms of political persecutions but remained stoic and resolute in the party he started his voyage in. Like Tinubu, you would have made it big by floating your party, given your financial wherewithal. How you always shy away from leading a political party baffles me till date.

With your movement into the ACN, your loyalists followed you in droves and magnitude. We thought that was your destination but alas, you jumped ship again and sailed back into the PDP in 2011 leaving your followers confused and stranded. They were caught between loyalty and personal convictions, while some stayed back others who couldn’t bear the shame retired into oblivion. A typical example is Dr Usman Bugaje. While in the PDP, you got the worst humiliation of your life. The party you helped to build left you drenched in the rains. You were mercilessly insulted, denigrated and profiled. Even your adoption as a sole northern candidate to face former President Jonathan in 2011 didn’t help matters as you were further decimated and demystified.

The most respected Atiku became a shadow of his former self, lurking around in muffled silence. Respite came your way when Nigerians became fed up with the ruination of the nation by the PDP-led government. Opposition elements were coming together to form alliances and pronto you did another detour and joined the merger that eventually ousted the PDP. APC became the government in power; you reclined into partitioned politics and started your scheming instead of synergizing your influence. Your role in the choices of the Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives is still very fresh in the minds of political historians. Your action made your party men to see you as a dangerous schemer and that perception led somewhat to the cold treatment meted to you. No human being tolerates treachery, not even you sir.

Tragically, the journey to your political misfortune continues in earnest. You started the call for restructuring and that dangerous agenda almost led to the disintegration of this nation as dissident elements heeded your call. It took God’s intervention and wisdom of the President for the country not to be engulfed in a civil war. That was scheming taken too far sir!

Your recent trajectory is the return to the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP). There is absolutely nothing wrong with your choice but everything is wrong with your precedents. You are rewriting political experience in backward reference. Your actions give no value to political experience; you are dismantling the principles of political ideology. You are setting the template for political desperation. And wherever political desperation takes precedence, that society is doomed with awful political experience. You are killing political oppositions in Nigeria; we are expecting the PDP to bring forth a new lease of experience and not another tested experience. We expected the PDP to stand in virile opposition to the APC but no; you have derailed them as usual. It is going to be same story of political nowhere. No one makes an impact with shaky foundation. You are never interested in enriching our political experience; your philosophy is always the easy way out. You hate to build but to replicate. Imagine if you have started a political movement since 2007!

Dear sir, heed to my lamentation by doing the needful; create a platform to sell your candidature. When PMB was at the verge of losing his support base in ANPP, he swiftly floated the CPC – a party that garnered over 12million votes within six months of formation. By 2015, CPC was the most sought after and courted bride in Nigeria. Your penchant for playing propaganda politics won’t help you sir. Sell your ideas without reference to others. Adopt the Trump Doctrine where even with all the missiles hurled at him, he was unperturbed. He stood to his wares and cruised to victory. Attacking Buhari is not going to fetch you the needed votes, for every missile you throw at him, he gets shielded in a thousand defenses. A man like Buhari cannot be defeated with propaganda. Jonathan used this wisdom in 2011 when Ima Niboro tried to malign Buhari’s character and GEJ berated Niboro vehemently. With no attacks and propaganda, Jonathan defeated Buhari. However, Jonathan threw away this decorum in 2015 by allowing insults, venom and tantrums on Buhari and the result of course is his retirement to Otuoke!

2019 is still a long time, build your armies of grassroots folks, reach out to leaders of thought, form vanguards, be your natural self, discard your obstinate belief of getting things done your way, resort to the Almighty and leave everything to him. With this mindset, every outcome should please you and not disgruntle you.

~Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice