Buhari’s House Of Commotion: Presidential Award Scam And Others

By Ikenga Chronicles April 2, 2018

Buhari’s House Of Commotion: Presidential Award Scam And Others

On Monday morning, Jerome-Mario Utomi reacting to a new development in Nigeria, where the people have developed a very strong sense of distrust of the government, wrote; “Explicitly, the most fundamental obstacle responsible for this complexity is that the masses have been led to a state of confusion, to the extent that distinguishing between delusion and reality has become difficult.”

This sense of distrust was of course built over the past three years, as the President Muhammadu Buhari administration has been riddled with several instances of the government contradicting itself. The most glaring of course is the lie that Boko Haram had been defeated(an announcement made in December of 2015 as a means of quickly diverting the attention of the masses from the unprecedented hunger that befell the country a few months into the Buhari administration).

Within the past week however, several incidences have come up that also showed that three years after it took off, the Buhari administration is yet to get its acts together, and continue to be a house of commotion.

First was the issue of the leadership award from the Martin Luther King Jr. family. The government, anxious to balance up an earlier indictment by Bill Gates, had hurriedly bought into an “award” by the Luther King family, and its media handlers blew it out of proportions. That gave eagle-eyed analysts the chance to query why such an award would be given to a man under whose watch the nation is disintegrating, while citizens are daily slaughtered with no tangible effort on the part of government to mitigate the insecurity situation in the country. The criticism from the people of course drew the attention of the MLK centre to the award, and swiftly, they denied giving such an award. In essence then, no matter what the government later came out to say, what was obvious was that what should have been a private visit by some persons related to Mr. King, were passed off as an award giving ceremony, and an endorsement of Buhari!

The commotion did not stop there. With President Buhari visiting Lagos, two contradictory issues followed. First, top model Naomi Campbell tweeted that she was honoured to have been invited by the President to the commissioning of the Eko Atlantic City. Shortly after(following backlash from Nigerians), the Presidency said the President only “met” Ms Campbell at the event, and did not invite her! Of course, Ms Campbell(obviously at the demand of the Presidency) has since deleted the tweet, and put out another that is inline with the story the Presidency wants the public to have. But it did not end there.

While Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos, through his official handle tweeted that President Buhari commissioned the Eko Atlantic City, the Presidency on its part tweeted that the President was only there to visit the city, and not to commission it! What is intriguing was that the Presidency said the ribbon cutting and the plaque unveiled by Mr. President were all to commemorate the visit! One wonders when plaques are unveiled and ribbons cut in commemoration of visits!

One thing is certain, the commotion and the contradictions that follow the Buhari government, guarantees only one thing: distrust. It is difficult for any self-respecting citizen to trust the words that come from the Presidency.

It is really a tragic situation especially when one considers that prior to his election, Buhari was adorned with the garb of Mr. Integrity. It is quite unfortunate that within three years, the many lies, incompetent handling of things, and general lack of coherence has reduced the government, to a house of commotion.