Buhari’s Health: A Conspiracy of Silence

By Ikenga Chronicles April 30, 2017

Buhari’s Health: A Conspiracy of Silence

For two consecutive weeks now, President Muhammadu Buhari failed to attend the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting. His conspicuous absence at the Juma’at prayers last Friday raised serious concern over the health status of Mr President.

The Minister of Information and Culture Mr Lai Muhammad was earlier quoted to have said the President would henceforth be working from home, and the excuse given by the Presidential spokesperson over his absence at the prayers is at best flimsy.

While no one in his right mind would wish the president sick, or worst still want to play cheap politics with his health, the rather obvious conspiracy of silence surrounding the issue, and orchestrated by those around him has raised a number of questions begging for answers.

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In the first place, Mr president has spent most of his youthful days in hard combat as a soldier, fighting for the unity and continuity of this country. It is therefore natural that at his age, the enormous burden of presiding over a nation as vast and dynamic as Nigeria would be overwhelming, especially now that the country is undaunted with political, economic, security, and a myriad of other challenges.

Besides, sickness is a natural phenomenal that one has very little or no control over. The only control is perhaps to the extent that one can manage it with proper medication and rest.

Armed with these, the idea of shrouding the health status of the president in secrecy only lend credence to the theory that the President is controlled by a cabal who is only concerned with retaining him as the figure head while they call the shots surreptitiously, invariably for their own interest and not the Nigerian interest.

The role been played by the presidential spokespersons and Mr Lai Muhammad in trivializing the issue only helps in complicating things.

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Nigerians are, indeed, in support of the President in his war against corruption and would willingly pray for his quick recovery.

There is also no doubt that Nigerians would support their President going to receive adequate medical attention elsewhere as they did the last times that he was out for the same purpose.

But these has to be when they are properly informed about his health conditions. Anything short of this would only precipitate more speculation and subsequently, agitation.

What is totally unacceptable is the continued perpetuation of this conspiracy of silence and circle of lies that ingloriously remain within the vicinity of classifying the Nigerian populace as been incapable of common sense.

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What is also totally unacceptable is a situation a group of people would hold the President hostage and would mortgage his health and put his life at stake just to make sure that they remain politically powerful and relevant.

If the president were as well as Nigerians are made to believe by the trio of Mr Lai Muhammad, Femi Adesina, and Garba Shehu, then he has no reason to reduce the FEC meeting to what he attends or stay away from at his discretion.

In the same vein, huge sums of tax payers money was used to put in place the offices of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and made as comfortable and befitting of a President. The President should therefore have no reason to even suggest that he would be working from home.

If however, the president and or his medical team feel that the task of continuing as the President would be too much on him considering his age and health conditions, he should be bold enough to tender his resignation from the office and the law allowed to take its natural course.

However, if the presidency should continue with this shameful charade over the president’s health, it would not be out of place if the Nigerian National Assembly would initiate an impeachment process against the President to make ROOM for a healthier, younger and invariably more proactive person to assume the office so as to save this country from remote and present dangers posed by a seating incapacitated president.