Buhari’s Board Appointments: Dead Or Alive, What’s The Difference?

By Ikenga Chronicles December 30, 2017

Buhari’s Board Appointments: Dead Or Alive, What’s The Difference?

— Vitus Ozoke

I like President Buhari’s sense of humor. The man is a genius! His latest stroke of genius is his arcane humor in including dead people in his recent Federal Board appointments, some as chairmen of the boards. Expectedly, many humorless Nigerians are going bunkers over it.

Here is a president who is communicating a serious message in a weird and wicked and subliminal humor. The message is a simple one: Dead people might as well be running the ghost nation called Nigeria, where nothing is working and nothing is happening.

For those who are blasting and attacking the president for this, I have one question for you: Given the state of the country today, what difference does it make whether the country is being run by the dead or the living? How worse could Nigeria get if dead people managed it?

And let’s be clear about the concept of the dead. Who is alive and who is dead? Is that politician alive or dead who loots and empties the common treasury for his private Swiss accounts? Is he alive who deliberately hides fuel, forcing Nigerians to sleep and spend christmas at gas stations? Is that governor alive who refuses to pay workers several years of salary arrears, choosing instead to spend workers’ salaries on erecting statues of corrupt African leaders? Is the Comptroller of Pensions Fund alive who embezzles billions of pensioners fund?

If you ask me, most Nigerian politicians in major positions of authority and responsibility are dead men walking. The worst kind of death is moral and spiritual death. It takes a compact with Satan himself to starve and plunge God’s 200 million people in despair and darkness. Those who have mortgaged and exchanged their souls and conscience for stolen material gains are dead already. How could we not see that we are being ruled by dead soulless men? Did it have to take Buhari to make such a simple factual connection?