Buhari’s Animal Farm: Releasing The Murderers Of Bridget–The Christian Igbo Woman

By Ikenga Chronicles November 7, 2016

Last week, it came, not as a shock to most of us that the alleged murderers of the 74-years old Igbo woman, Mrs. Bridget Agbahime have been declared innocent by a Kano Magistrate court.So just like that, Dauda Ahmed, Abdulmumeen Mustafa, Zubairu Abubakar, Abdullahi Abubakar and Musa Abdullahi who were accused of having incited the mob, and actually carried out the stabbing and eventual beheading of the woman(while her husband watched helplessly) walked away free!Reports say that the Principal State Counsel, Rabiu Yusuf who represented the Kano State Attorney General had stated that the suspects “have no case to answer to” hence the instruction that they should be released.So from all indications then, Mrs. Agbahime’s murder was not worthy of being called “a case”!

But what was Bridget Agbahime’s crime? It was what one might call a simple one.She had simply asked that ablution should not be performed in front of her shop.That incensed the group, as they immediately felt she had no rights whatsoever over what happens in front of her shop.By asking that ablution should not be performed in front of her shop, she incurred the wrath of intolerant gods who must silence her, and true to type, beheaded her.

While many may see such acts as gruesome,and worthy of being clamped down on, with stiff penalties given to the perpetrators, the Kano State government have found a wiggle room, and ultimately dismissed it as a “no case”.It was an act of war; a war which Bridget initiated by first saying “hey, do not carry out ablution in front of my shop”. To be clearer; you know how it is not a crime for a soldier to kill an enemy combatant during war?Well,that is exactly how it is no crime for a Muslim to kill a Christian woman, in Buhari’s Nigeria. Or so it now seems.

It is true that immediately after Nigerians cried out in outrage over the gruesome murder of Mrs. Agbahime, President Buhari “condemned” the act through the media.However, what one wants to know is what further actions the president took, to ensure that the perpetrators were brought to justice, as a deterrent to others who might habour such intentions. For such a high profile case, is it possible that the Kano State government acted without reading in the president? Or was Mr. President fully briefed and agreed with them that the murder was a “no case”?How is it then that some lives are now at par with the lives of goats, while others are more precious? Is it the 5% and 97% equation coming into play?So many assumptions to be made on the basis of this act.

The key question one must now be asking Mr. President and the Kano State Government is; “why is Bridget Agbahime’s murder not a case?”This woman was slaughtered openly, beheaded, and her head carried around like a trophy. Why is such a daringly gruesome act unworthy of meriting a serious trial and punishment of offenders? Does it have something to do with her ethnicity?Her religion? Or the fact that the perpetrators “are more equal than her”?

Something really offensive is smelling in this country, and it has the odour of inequality all over it.When a group of Muslims can openly slaughter a Christian woman and the government says it is not a case, then open season on the lives of Christians has been declared. It simply means that anybody can just slaughter a Christian and claim that the person uttered blasphemous words.

But those who allow such an open season to be declared must also be aware that it could go both ways, so the time to stem it is now.

In the mean time, this country keeps looking more and more like Animal Farm, where “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than the others”.

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