Buhari vs. Atiku: My Take

By Ikenga Chronicles October 12, 2018

Buhari vs. Atiku: My Take

–By Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh

Buhari is incompetence personified. But I am not yet sold on Atiku‘s candidacy. I have not seen a clearly articulated manifesto of what he intends to do in government, and how he intends to do it when he gets there.

Atiku like all of them, is beholden to those power centers that have been the trouble with Nigeria.

This is what I said when the battle was between Goodluck Jonathan and Buhari.

And unfortunately I ended up being right.

I want to be wrong this time.

I still believe that Oby Ezekwesili and Kingsley Muoghalu presented a technically sound alternative to the two Dinosaurs we have jostling for power on the side of the two rogue political parties in Nigeria.

I want to be wrong. But the facts and evidence keep interfering. How do I reconcile this?

Gwazia ndi yard unu!!!