Why Is Buhari Still Empowering Boko Haram?

By Ikenga Chronicles February 26, 2018

Why Is Buhari Still Empowering Boko Haram?

The adduction of what has now been confirmed to be 110 school girls from Government Girls Technical School, Dapchi, Yobe State, has once again brought into sharp focus, the menace of Boko Haram terrorists, in Nigeria. All of a sudden, it is like the Chibok girls debacle all over again.

As parents of the kidnapped girls continue to weep, and Nigerians all over the world look on in painful surprise, it becomes necessary to recall that the government of President Muhammadu Buhari has repeatedly said that it has defeated the terrorists. This assertion( which appears now to have been done to show that one of the promises of candidate Buhari in 2015 has been fulfilled), seems to have given the people a false sense of security, which ultimately made them easier targets for the terrorists. That the government would risk the lives of millions of citizens, in other to score cheap political points, remains a mystery to many.

But creating that false sense of security is not the only way that the Buhari administration has been making things easier for Boko Haram.

Reports say that over the past couple of years, the Buhari administration has strengthened Boko Haram financially and in personnel. Recall that in other to negotiate the release of 84 Chibok girls, and another 21, the government had paid Boko Haram billions of Naira, and even released many of their members. In fact, while five notorious Boko Haram commanders were handed over to Boko Haram as part of the Chibok girls exchange, in January, 2018, Buhari’s government did the unimaginable by releasing what they termed “244 repentant Boko Haram members”!

How a government that claims that it is intent on defeating terrorists would be arming the terrorists with money and personnel, will be difficult for even the most gullible to understand. How in the world would a government give money and personnel to terrorists when it is well aware that with the money, the terrorists would arm themselves more, while the released members will help execute more attacks?

There is something unclear about the relationship between the Nigerian government and Boko Haram. This is not only evident in the empowerment of the sect by the Nigerian government, but also in the elusiveness of the leader of the sect, Abubakar Shekau, and by the information that for it to successfully kidnap the Dapchi girls, security was withdrawn at that moment!

While prayers continue to pour forth for the recovery of the abducted Dapchi girls, a searchlight must now be beamed on the Nigerian government, in other to understand what game it is playing with Boko Haram.