Buhari Shielding Amaechi From Corruption Charges Because He Benefitted From The Proceeds

By Ikenga Chronicles October 20, 2016

Buhari Shielding Amaechi From Corruption Charges Because He Benefitted From The Proceeds

Despite several indictments and allegations on the Minister of Transportation Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi,there has been no attempt by the Federal Government to investigate the allegations. This is coming from a government that sends the EFCC and DSS after judges and other opposition members, on the strength of “petitions” and “allegations”. There have been several allegations of corrupt practices against Amaechi, yet no action has been taken against him. Talk about sacred cows!

In 2015, the Integrity Group had submitted a petition against Mr. Amaechi, with detailed proof of several corrupt practices by the former Governor of Rivers State. This was backed up by the detailed report of the Omereji commission. In fact, the EFCC acknowledge receipt of the Integrity Group’s petition, but no action was taken.


Petition By The Integrity Group

A few days ago, Justice Okoro, one of the judges whom the DSS stormed his house in an illegal raid mentioned in his letter to the Chief Justice of Nigeria that Mr. Amaechi had offered him bribe to influence the outcome of the Akwa Ibom State governorship election petition. In fact, in that letter, it was mentioned that President Buhari was in support of Amaechi’s offer!

Many are therefore wondering why the Buhari administration is not willing to prosecute the man, whom a lot of people see as a walking symbol of corruption in Nigeria.This is from an administration whose sole focus is on fighting corruption. It does appear though that the fight against corruption is only against those who are part of the opposition, or those who are thorns in the flesh of the government. Otherwise, why is Mr. Amaechi still walking around a free man? Why would the DSS and EFCC arrest other people based on petitions and allegations, and same cannot be done to Mr. Amaechi?

According to a commentator on public issues who spoke on condition of anonymity;

“Buhari cannot prosecute Amaechi, because Amaechi funded his election campaign with the proceeds of corruption. Buhari is aware of that, and any attempt at prosecuting Amaechi is an attempt to open up cans of worms that will show that the so called anti-corruption president is himself a product of corruption!”

Asked if that does not pay lip service to the war against corruption, he said;

“You really believe Buhari is fighting corruption? Then you must be gullible!What they are doing is to frighten people,cripple the opposition. If Buhari is fighting corruption genuinely, there is a simple way to prove it; prosecute Amaechi, and we will believe you are genuine”

For a government that keeps on talking about checking corruption,it is really high time the president proved to the world that he is genuine, and allow the EFCC to investigate and prosecute Mr. Amaechi.

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