Buhari Seeks To Suspend Some Parts Of The Constitution Again? –Eze Basil Chinwendu Oluo

By Ikenga Chronicles August 23, 2016

The retired Military General doesn’t disappoint his critics one bit, he only disappoints himself. In 1983 when he emerged Dictator after he bloodied a democratically elected leadership, he  probably thought managing a country was just as simple as a shinning armor and a military parade. He was disappointed it demanded more than that. More disappointed that it demanded more than what he possessed and could offer- a cerebral mind, managerial and entrepreneurial skills. At a time, he settled for coercion, but with a heart made of dust and filled with nepotism, his tactics were often elementary and their weaknesses easily detected. He needed a true soldier and a man of steel to be his hand.

Major Idiagbon was Buhari’s head and his force. All other authority sprang from Idiagbon’s short but intimidating conquest of those they were supposed to protect. Buhari’s name rang bells of fear, lack, hunger, starvation and death. As he was feared, so was he detested.

In 1985, the country had had enough, even Buhari’s military brothers could not take it anymore. His government was brought down in a counter coup led by the smilling evil genius, General Badamosi Babangida. Buhari cried… And the rest is history.

By whatever machinations, Buhari is back at the saddle, he rode to the rock on a chariot of lofty promises, imaginary and within reach, but this time he rode with a fine gentleman who knows nothing about government or governance. By the General’s and his Party’s calculation, he had come of age. He thought he had learnt enough in his rolling chair to run the full laps of the hurdle alone. 25%+ of his tenure later, the man is even worse than he was in his first coming. He wakes us up with an announcement in the morning and kisses us goodnight with a counter announcement in the evening. From games of IT WASN’T ME to those of BLAME THE OTHER, the country he inherited now sways side-by-side according to the course of a turbulent current of hardship and anguish, like a boat without saddle nor a captain. He has disappointed himself.

The atmosphere smells of uncertainty and crime is on the increase; from stealing of pots of soup to selling of babies for food, the people cry the stretch of the hours of every scorching day. What is Mr. President’s response?

He seeks for power, raw power like he had when he still had his uniforms on. That is his only idea about managing an economy, or is he still suffering a hangover of the drunkenness of 1983-85? Let someone wake him up then. The world has sailed beyond the 80s.

A crown doesn’t make you king, neither does it make you powerful. Military power doesn’t run and sustain an economy, ideas do.

Eze Basil Chinwendu Oluo,  can be reached at ebcodoracle@gmail.com

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