Buhari, And The Real Enemies Of Nigeria

By Ikenga Chronicles February 5, 2018

Buhari, And The Real Enemies Of Nigeria

It seems that a new drama must unfold every week now, in Nigeria, especially as it concerns the Presidency of Muhammadu Buhari. If it is not his wife Aisha Buhari tacitly asserting that a cabal has taken over her husband’s Presidency, it will be former President Olusegun Obasanjo stating that Buhari has failed Nigerians and thus should be voted out in 2019. In the midst of all the drama, Fulani herdsmen continue to slaughter Nigerians, while Boko Haram holds sway despite the several assertions by the Buhari’s government that it has “defeated” the insurgents.

On Sunday, the drama took another turn after former Military President, Ibrahim Babangida allegedly issued a statement advising Buhari not to contest for the Presidency in 2019. Hours later, another statement was issued in which Babangida allegedly stated that he did not issue the first statement. By Monday morning, the same Babangida had spoken to Thisday newspapers, and affirmed that he issued the first statement!

While all of these may sound funny, what is key is that these statements by these leaders and Buhari’s wife, echo the sentiments of most Nigerians. The growing disenchantment in the country due to the gross failure of the Buhari administration, is palpable. In fact, only those who are directly benefitting from Buhari’s government are the ones who see good in the leader’s gross incompetence, cluelessness, nepotism, and tacit support of the slaughter of his countrymen by people of his own ethnic group.

The tacit support of the government for the actions of Fulani herdsmen shows in its refusal to deal decisively with the herdsmen. Instead, when a reprisal killing of some Fulanis was done in Benue, it did not take one week for the police to make about 16 arrests! Yet about 73 Benue people were killed by the herdsmen and over a month later, not one arrest has been made! Rather, the government is campaigning for the setting up of cattle colonies in order to ensure that the business of the herdsmen flourish! Talk about repaying murder!

One can write a very bulky book on the gross failure of President Buhari. However, what is important is to place a finger on the fact that for all intents and purposes, the continuation of Buhari as Nigeria’s President beyond 2019 will completely cripple Nigeria. So the most sensible and right thing to do is to ensure that this man is never re-elected.

Judging by the results of Buhari’s first term, it is therefore safe to say that those who are today clamouring for him to continue beyond 2019 are the real enemies of Nigeria. There is nothing patriotic about such a call, as the results show that Nigeria will be destroyed if that man continues to be at the helm of affairs.

It is not rocket science, neither does one need a prophet to decipher that the problem with Buhari is that he does not have the faintest idea of how to lead. Nigeria’s challenges are too complex for a simple brained man like Buhari to understand, and figure out a solution to them. It is therefore necessary that the country is saved from his clueless and clannish grip, and restored back to the path of greatness.

The citizens then must rise up and kick against, Buhari, and his supporters, who are the real enemies of Nigeria!