Buhari: May You Be Roundly Defeated!!

By Ikenga Chronicles October 10, 2018

Buhari: May You Be Roundly Defeated!!

–By Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh

Dear Mr. Buhari,

You are seeking re-election!

I am happy for you.

There is nothing wrong with that. It is your constitutional right.

I get that.

I respect that.

I would rather say: run forest, run!

I am okay if you run for re-election. I am also okay, if you run away from the election.

But, were you to choose the former; I hope and wish that you would be roundly defeated.

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May you be defeated, in spite of the fact that you are tilting the electoral field in your favor, by piling all security and the electoral agencies with your nepotistic mandarins; ready to steal and defend your theft of the upcoming elections.

If not, why is every Nigerian security apparatus in the hands of people beholden to your tribal provincialism; both in terms and in fact?

You think that Nigerians are fools? They may be powerless, thanks to the ignorance, which you and your ilk have imposed on them as state policy. But they are not blind.

We can see that in all your appointments. You have been appointing the worst of us, so that they would owe allegiance to your personal fiefdom, instead of to Nigeria. You appointed all the security and electoral chiefs from your own section of the country. This is political incest. And experience has shown us that it has been without exception, directed towards electoral thievery.

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I want you roundly defeated!

Your defeat would be great for the evolutionary trajectory of democracy in Nigeria.

Your defeat would placate Nigerians and propitiate our land from the insufferable incompetence, which you have arrantly displayed in office.

Sorry Mr. President, your mandarins of course will not tell you this. Nigerians are disappointed in you. You have not recorded any credible achievement since you came into office. None! There is no index of development that did not see a downward slide during your tenure.

Your non-achievements canonizes Goodluck Jonathan a saint. Your incompetence colonizes our expectations with disbelief.

I used to think that Mr. Jonathan was clueless. But you now tower above him in cluelessness. And the audacious arrogance of that cluelessness leaves us breathless.

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You insulted sick Nigerians, who are laboring under the weight of our inglorious health system. You told them that the health system of the country over, which you preside, is not only dysfunctional but beneath your patronage. That explains why you always flew to London to treat yourself of your headache; a luxury which 90% of Nigerians can ill afford.

That is why you allowed and bankrolled from the taxpayers funds; the airlifting of your injured son to Germany for treatment; while 90% of Nigerians, the people over whom you preside cannot even afford to go to hospitals; which ultimately have given up the pretence of being mere consulting clinics; and now wears it true face, as a place, where people go to die.

Till date, you have been either unable or unwilling to find solutions to the Nigerian dysfunctional health system. How could, when your response to your own healthcare challenges is to simply fly away to another’s man country; to another country‘s health system built and tidied by someone’s else industry and intelligence.

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In that, you have been a big disgrace not only to yourself and your family and your lineage; but to Nigeria, Africa and the to the black people everywhere. You have, like every puerile and shameless politician we have all over Africa, shown to the world that you are a shameless opportunist; ready to use public funds to care for your own ass and that of your family; in another man‘s country; abandoning the one, where you have all the powers to make a change.

Yet you are seeking re-election. You should be hiding your head in shame; wearing sackcloth and ashes to seek atonement for that moral treason and betrayal of the charge handed over to you in good faith by your fellow citizens. In fact, you should have resigned the moment you thought about abandoning Nigerian hospitals to go seek treatment in a foreign country.

The country where you went to seek treatment ; what was there that wasn’t in Nigeria? Functional system? Yes of course. But who provided for those functionalities and kept them running? Do you know.? I guess you do Mr. President. It is their leaders. Yea you got that.

But you our leader, has been unable and unwilling to provide those things you seek outside, here at home for your own use and that of your people.

If you were unwilling to provide and ensure the running of those things; I would resist the temptation to say that you are stupid; or that you are a fool. I would never say that. I would rather say something worse. I would say that you are then a wicked man. But I can never divine your will. Since I cannot do that, who am I to hazard those guesses. On other hand, if you are unable to provide those things; then you are incompetent. And this incompetence disqualifies you from a second term in office.

Don’t try selling us that nonsense marinated in bullshit; that we don’t have the money or the resources for that. The Trillions of Naira stolen in Nigerian; some of which you promised and have failed to recover, as well as the trillions more presently being stolen, chaperoned by your administration; and the superlative abundance of manpower that Nigeria is blessed with; all collaborate to make that narrative that we cannot afford it, an undeodorized piece of dogshit.

We can afford it. All we need is the leadership to actualize it. And that is the leadership that you have unfortunately failed to provide. And that in my opinion disqualifies you from that office.

This is the first part of what I want to discuss with you. The second part will deal with your failure to provide power to Nigerians. This was one of the cardinal promises that you and your party made to Nigerians, during the last campaign season.

After that I will deal with your anti-corruption wars; which have actually recorded nothing that anyone could write home about.

I will also be giving you a piece of my mind on your tyrannical tendencies, made manifest in the ease with which you send the army into civilian spaces under excuses that reminds one of Nazi Germany.

We would also touch on many more issues that may not be palatable to you; but is all for the good of this country that you and I have stakes in; as citizens.

I wish you a very nice day sir, as you try to digest my criticisms; which may be harsh in tone to your ears; but is my contribution to the betterment of this common heritage of ours, which we both have equal stake in.

Yours very sincerely,