The Buhari And Jonathan Comparison: Destroying Nigeria?

By Ikenga Chronicles February 19, 2018

Since 2015, when President Muhammadu Buhari was elected President of Nigeria, in what is considered the first time an incumbent President of Nigeria was defeated in an election, a lot of comparisons have been made between Buhari’s administration and that of the man he succeeded, President Goodluck Jonathan.

These comparisons which span a juxtaposition of the extent of corruption under both governments, through the state of the economy, to security, most times ends up with a fierce argument on who is more clueless amongst the two.

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Supporters of Jonathan will quite easily point out that under Jonathan, the prices of goods and services were cheaper compared to the near 200% increment that followed just after about a year of Buhari taking over. Buhari’s supporters on the other hand, will always find a way to blame the hardship in the country on the “massive looting that took place under Jonathan”. They will then go further to explain that Buhari’s first task is to clean up the polity, and thus, it has to get very dark before the sun rises. If one presses further however, they will be incapable of pointing specifically to the policies or actions taken by Buhari, to clean up the polity. That is because, the Treasury Single Account (TSA) they often boast of as being Buhari’s efforts at plugging expenditure loopholes in government offices, was in fact Jonathan’s brainchild. Also, the so-called war on corruption has proven to be a farce as many of Buhari’s people accused of corruption still walk around free, while only certain members of the opposition have been incarcerated and yet have not been convicted after three years!

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The fact remains that Jonathan failed as Nigeria’s President. There were so many ways he could have been a better President, but he either did not have the political will to do better, or he just was clueless about how to be better. Buhari on his part too has failed woefully. There is therefore no need to compare both in terms of who is/was better.

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In truth, Buhari’s failures are of course incomparable as he has proven to be the very worst President to have overseen the affairs of Nigeria. Not only is he clueless as to what governance is all about, all around him, every aspect of the nation has failed, and he would care less about them. Daily, people are slaughtered, and the economic hardship had reached strangulatory levels, yet there have been no concrete efforts by Buhari, to do anything to at least show that he has empathy. In truth then, placed side by side with what a Primary two pupil will do if elected President of Nigeria today, it is hard to see Buhari doing better.

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The constant comparison between Jonathan and Buhari has gone on for two long, and will only continue to draw bad blood. This has placed electorates at the position of having to defend even bad governance, provided it is about defending their “team”(there now exist a Team Buhari and a Team Jonathan). That is unhealthy for Nigeria, and for the future, as 2019 hovers around. The citizenry must therefore look beyond what team one belongs to, and focus on the overall wellbeing of the country and her people. Let the two leaders be consigned to the dustbin of history so that Nigeria may move forward.

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