Buhari Dead Or Alive, It’s Time To Resign

By Ikenga Chronicles May 22, 2017

Buhari Dead Or Alive, It’s Time To Resign

Eric Joyce, a Briton, on the 20th of May, wrote;

“For two days, some sources have been reporting that President Buhari has died in a London hospital. Other sources, including the presidency, have been denying this, but not very convincingly. A general rule of thumb for any leader anywhere is that if people think you’re dead then you get yourself on the telly alive, immediately. So maybe there’s a bit of a temporary cover-up involved?”

Mr, Joyce seemed very convinced that the President had died on the 18th of May, but was hooked to some machines, while “succession plans are sorted out“. This is hardly surprising as for about a year now, Nigeria’s president has continued to play hide and seek with his countrymen, while his people continue to dish out ridiculous lies.

What President Buhari’s people forget is that the burden of proof lies on them. Prove to Nigerians that their president is capable of carrying out his duties. Prove to them that he is alive. How long will the country continue to be “run” by an absentee president? Somehow, they prefer to expend energy and money, in PR.

Death is inevitable for all, so also is sickness. But while no right thinking individual will wish death on another, what Nigerians simply want at this moment is to get their country back, however it comes. In fact, it seems quite certain that President Buhari himself and his family, will want nothing else than a chance for the man to become a private citizen, if he is still alive, so that he may tend to his health. The power play by a few selfish individuals who have decided to hold Nigeria hostage by sustaining through series of maneuvers a system where no Nigerian is fully aware of who is running the affairs of the country is not only ruining Nigeria, but also turning us to caricatures in the eyes of the world.

Whether or not President Muhammadu Buhari is dead,one thing that is a hundred percent certain is that he no longer has the capacity to lead this country. Throughout this year, he has been virtually absent, and that, more than anything else is proof of his incapacitation. What should follow is for him to honourably resign. In the event that he refuses (or rather those pulling the strings insist he will not resign), then the ball rolls into the court of the National Assembly. And if the National Assembly genuinely serves at the pleasure of Nigerians, then it should do its job and push through an impeachment.

Somehow however, none of the above two options seem to be in play.

Nigeria is bigger than personal interests, ethnic wishes, and political loyalty. Right now, over 170million Nigerians are being held hostage by a few. What they should know is that there is a limit to a man’s endurance. If the right thing is not done, Nigerians will one day stop accepting that they are fools, and shutdown this country.