Buhari Should Appoint A Competent Petroleum Minister

By Ikenga Chronicles October 15, 2017

Buhari Should Appoint A Competent Petroleum Minister

Prominent Yoruba leader, Chief Ayo Adebanjo has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to appoint a competent Petroleum Minister.

Adebanjo, in an exclusive interview with Sunday Telegraph, said Buhari should vacate the position because, unlike former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who held the post during his tenure, Buhari does not have the capacity and good health to combine both offices.

“Buhari does not need to be told to relinquish the position of Minister of Petroleum Resources. Does he have the capacity and good health to head the ministry? It is for this reason that a President or Prime Minister appoints a minister for such offices.

“Obasanjo combined the offices of President and minister because he was healthy enough to do it, but it is not the ideal thing. And in this case and the fact that it has become a cause of confusion, Buhari should vacate the position.

“Buhari can’t head a ministry like Petroleum Resources that requires time and energy. If he loves this country, I think he should relinquish the post and appoint a competent person to head it to stop this confusion and provide good leadership in that vital sector of the economy,” he said.

On the current Federal Government plan to take a $5.5billion bond in addition to the nation’s $69billion loan, Adebanjo said that “does not make any sense because it will further sink the nation into the greater abyss of indebtedness which President Obasanjo rescued the nation from several years ago.”

He lamented, however, that Buhari rarely listens to anyone and that has been the concern of many Nigerians.

“We are almost tired of offering comments and advice on his programmes and government because he hardly listens to anyone.”