Buhari and His Hunting Dogs

By Ikenga Chronicles October 10, 2016

Over the past one year, Nigeria has reverted to a nation of blatant disregard to the tenets of human rights and due process. We are somehow back to the old days of military rule, where no other arm of government apart from the executive worked effectively. On paper, we are a democracy, but in action, we are a dictatorship.

First of all, there was a court order asking that the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu be released from custody. This instruction was ignored. In fact the president went on live television to say that there is nothing in this world that will make him release Mr. Kanu. And so it has been till today. As at this moment, Mr. Kanu is still in custody, while occasionally, he is taken to court, in what has now become an endless cycle of arraignment. The judiciary arm of government had given its instructions, but the executive, true to a dictatorship instructed its hunting dogs to disregard the orders of the judiciary.

Same directives had been given with regards to the continuous detention of some other Nigerians, and as usual, they were disregarded.

Recently, the ECOWAS court issued an order for the release of former NSA Sambo Dasuki, and awarded him compensation for illegal detention. Still nothing. Dasuki is still in custody. All we hear are tales of the many people indicted through his confessions –confessions nobody ever heard him make. We have also heard about the billions recovered from alleged Dasuki associates. Yet, as at today, the country is still in dire need of funds to support its budgets. Many have calculated the amount so far “recovered” plus thee savings the government boasted it made from operating a Treasury Single Account, and the funds are more than half the figures in the 2016 budget. Yet we need money to fund the budget!

Every attempt is being made by this government to stifle the voices of the people. Bloggers are arrested at will and taken in for questioning, all in a bid to silence them. Thousands of Shi’ites have been murdered while their leader Ibrahim El-Zakzaky thrown into custody. Hundreds of IPOB protesters have been gruesomely murdered by security agencies, yet the presidency has done nothing about it, thus confirming that it is in support of the murders. It suddenly appears that we are back to the old years of dictatorial military rule.

And if anybody needed further proof of how much we have slid down from the democracy we managed to build over the years, Friday night’s, and Saturday morning’s illegal (they came like thieves in the night)  raid of the houses of judges by the Department of State Security is ample proof that the executive arm of government in Nigeria, has well trained hunting dogs at its beck and call. The actions of the DSS were completely in contrast with the provisions of the law, and due process. This however has been in line with how things have been done in the country for the past one and half years of President Buhari’s administration. The simple style is; arrest whoever is deemed the enemy, then find proof of corruption against him or her.

The DSS lamely pointed out that it took the action based on allegations of corruption levelled against the said judges. Really? Since when did the mandate of the DSS become “fighting corruption”? What are the job descriptions of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission(ICPC)? Again, so allegations of corruption by the public can lead to arrests and detention of citizens? So why hasn’t the DSS arrested Mr. Rotimi Amaechi and Abba Kyari, detained them indefinitely, while searching for evidence, as they have done with others?  There have been several public complaints of corrupt practices by the two gentlemen. In fact, the Integrity Group has a petition submitted alleging several acts of corruption by Mr. Amaechi and has stated that it has proofs. Yet, not even an invitation by the DSS and other attack dogs!  So, this is now Animal Farm, where some animals are more equal than the others?

We have descended into pure tyranny and I feel it will get worse. The only ingredient that could put a stop to this wanton violation of human rights is if the head of the executive arm listens and cares about the people he is ruling. Truth is, the man does not care.

God in his infinite mercy ensured that Nigerians had the advantage of having seen Buhari in 83-84, and they know what they went through. Yet they chose the man. One may then say that we deserve the dictatorship that we are under today. Make no mistakes about it though, the President and his attack dogs are not done with us yet. It will be a long night.

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