Broken Soul: “In Memory Of Roseline Udoh”

By Ikenga Chronicles December 10, 2017

Broken Soul: “In Memory Of Roseline Udoh”

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I am broken
Heart splintered into a million pieces
A scrawny hand at midday tore the sun off the sky
Blanketing my world in concrete darkness

Broken soul, unsure no longer
If air fuels life or fate measures out portions
Vicious being cutting down trees when most luxuriant

Existence an unending horror movie
Happiness here today, gone tomorrow
Hope, a never materialising reality
Rose, you were my anchor in this troubled world.

Your departure has unhinged the ship of my existence!
I toss around now, hither and thither in life’s ocean
Uncaring where I may find myself.

Say a prayer for me Rose,
Send a saviour to me Queen
While I float around in pain,
I hold you still, in my heart forever.

  • A Poem by Nnabuike Chinonso dedicated to Roseline Udoh