‘Bringing’ Africa To The United States Is My Passion—Townkrier

By Ikenga Chronicles February 14, 2016

‘Bringing’ Africa To The United States Is My Passion—Townkrier

It is near impossible to hear of any major gig amongst Africans in Texas, without him being involved. From bringing key artistes from all over Africa to the U.S to give Africans a sense of home, to providing key African cuisine for them, he stands out as the “bringer of Africa, to America”. But he is not only that, he is also a practising doctor, and above all, the TOWNKRIER! Ikenga Chronicles was privileged to have an exclusive interview with the man himself. Below are interesting excerpts.

Welcome. Can You  Please Tell Us A Little About Yourself?

My name is Dr Yazomam Ibekwe AKA Townkrier DFW. I am a husband, father, Doctor of  Pharmacy, Realtor, Master of ceremony and Businessman. I am also in the entertainment industry. In fact, I am the quintessential Jack of All Trades!

What Inspired The Choice Of The Moniker, ‘Townkrier’?

Back in the days Towncriers spread news about special events from the Kings Court to the general public. That was why I chose that name: I keep the DFW informed about special events.  I had to change the spelling though because the domain name Towncrier.com was already taken.

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It Is Almost Impossible To Hear Of An Event In The US (Especially Nigerian/African Events) That Does Not Involve You. How Did You Manage To Build Such A Brand?

I had to spread my tentacles and network with the who-is-who in the entertainment industry. Initially we dealt with third parties, until we gradually aligned ourselves directly with African artistes, actors, record labels and their managers via networking. That is how we are able to deliver large concerts, movie premieres, fashion shows etc with elite African stars. It is a mutually beneficial relationship. They need us just like we need them.

On Top Of All That, You Are A Medical Doctor! How Do You Manage To Juggle These Two Different Professions?

Actually I am a Doctor of Pharmacy and I still practice.  There are 24 hours in a day and I get bored easily so I am always on the go. I do thank God for technology too because it makes it easy to multitask. I delegate a lot too so I don’t get too swamped.

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Most People Who Come To The U.S End Up Being Submerged By The Dominant Culture. How Did You Manage To Remain In Touch With Your Roots And Become A Channel For Africans In The U.S To Have A Feel Of Home?

I came to the U.S. as a teenager so I was already somewhat grounded in my language, tradition and culture. English is my second language. My background and upbringing affected my choice of friends and my decision to promote our culture and tradition here in the states because I see a lot of our children who were born in the U.S. and at such,  didn’t get the chance to learn our tradition, culture, music, fashion and language.

Can You Tell Us Some Of The Challenges You Faced And How You Overcame Them?

Culture shock is an understatement when I recall my first visit to the United States. From working the fuel pump to automatic doors, to great roads, and well organized and efficient public amenities, there was nothing to overcome! The body likes good things regardless of the shock associated with it. I went straight into school too and stayed positive and that helped me a lot

Going Forward, What Is Next For The Townkrier Brand?

I have aligned myself with bigger teams like ‘ATeam Presents’ (A branding company for African businesses in the DFW, African Music Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) coming up again on 10/15/2016 (AFRIMMA continues to cross boundaries with African music. You can see for yourself by visiting their website at www.Afrimma.com) and The African Film Festival which will hold for the first time next year in Dallas (TAFrica.org ). Together we push African Affairs here in the diaspora and beyond.

What Is Next For You As A Person?

My prayer is that I will continue to grow as a person, do the things I love and touch a lot of lives in the process while I am still on this earth

Thank You So Much For Giving Us This Opportunity.

Thanks for having me

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