Breaking: APC Spokesman Resigns,Accuses The Party Of Impunity

By Ikenga Chronicles December 4, 2018

Breaking: APC Spokesman Resigns,Accuses The Party Of Impunity

The Publicity Secretary, of the All Progressives Congress(APC) in Imo State, Jones Onwuasoanya has resigned.

In the resignation letter, he accused the APC of impunity, injustice and sharp practices.

According to Onwuasoanya, one of the reasons for his resignation is handpicking people as candidates instead of recognising primaries that produced aspirants as candidates.

The statement read, “After a careful and sober review of events within our political party, especially, in the last two months, I have come to the conscientious conclusion that our party, which before now was touted as the beacon of integrity, democracy, and fairness, has dangerously veered off from its own Constitution, Philosophies and Ideological inspirations.”

“Our Party has ceased to, in my own considered opinion, be a political party, but a cult, where some well-positioned members have formed themselves into a cabal of capons, with a dangerous end in mind for our dear country and its fledgling democracy.”