Boris Johnson Deserves To Win Because Britain Wants To Only “Pay For What She Needs”

By Ikenga Chronicles December 13, 2019

Boris Johnson Deserves To Win Because Britain Wants To Only “Pay For What She Needs”

— Dr. Wumi Akintide

The Labor Party in the UK continues to do very poorly against the Conservatives because you cannot replace something with nothing.

I put the blame on Jeremy Corbin the Labor Party Leader who must now step down to make room for a new leader who can chart a better pathway for the Labor Party to coast back to power and victory in British Politics.

What impresses me about the election in the UK is that the British have found an antidote to Vladimir Putin trying to use the Russian superiority in Cyber Technology to meddle in Politics everywhere around the world including the European Union, the UK and the United States of all places.

Canada has proved the same point in the election that has just returned Justin Trudeau back to power.

I am yet to see any concrete proof that the United States and the Democrats who are opposed to Donald Trump and his insane and corrupt Presidency have found any fool-proof antidote to Russia’s iron determination to want to keep Donald Trump in office again in 2020 even if he loses by 10 million votes in the popular vote.

I say that due to the outdated Electoral College Conundrum in America which makes the vote of only 570 handpicked electors to be far more important than the votes 150 Million Americans who could turn out to vote in the next election.

I am predicting a higher turnout in 2020 more than the 137 million that voted in the 2016 Elections.

The Electoral College System in America makes it far much easier for foreign intruders like Russia to rig elections in America by focusing all of their attention on 7 or 8 swing States in America which determines who wins or loses the Presidency in America regardless of their performances in the popular vote.

We have a deranged President in the White House who is openly begging such intruders to come help him win. He is being impeached today precisely for that reason because he actually made several confessions about his intention that most fair-minded Americans can see for themselves.

The Electoral College is the Achille’s foot in the American System that Americans now need to reconsider because the system has outlived its usefulness.

It needs to be revisited as I have argued with passion in this column time and again with all the emphasis at my command.

I am persuaded that Donald Trump can be easily beaten if you discount his reliance on Vladimir Putin and the KGB to help him manipulate the elections to help him win.

The Hypocrites in the Republican Party are today rooting for the Communist Dictator because they view his help and input as critical to their victory in 2020.

Without some help from some foreign intruders there is no way in the World that Donald Trump can win re-election in a free and fair elections in America.

That is just the blunt truth, Believe it or not?

I want to end this piece by congratulating Boris Johnson who now has the mandate to finally take out Britain from the European Union but doing so in a way that does not persuade or encourage Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to break away from Great Britain in the foreseeable future.