Black And Not Proud?

By Ikenga Chronicles June 28, 2020

There is a particular class of black people I feel really sorry for now, though I know I shouldn’t because they are making a conscious choice from a place of self-hatred. Yes, self-hatred can actually be unconscious, but your attitude and habits would reveal it to others.  What am I talking about?

I’m talking about black people who detest the BlackLivesMatter movement today to whatever degree and for whatever reason. You get black people saying things like, oh, these BLM people are violent, they are using the same tactics and language of the racists they are attacking, they are not talking of black-on-black violence, they are destroying historical statues, they are attacking the police, they are scaring white people that otherwise would have supported them and so on. They seem not to understand that revolutions don’t come served prim and proper on all sides. They ignore the mainstream of the movement and its message and they just focus on extremist elements unsuccessfully trying to use the movement to advance their anarchic causes and so on. You’ll see them post a picture of a police officer attacked by a black person or one black criminal killing a black person or one supposed black activist saying something silly against white people – all to justify their weariness and lack of support for the BLM movement. The funniest bit that is not funny in a funny way is to hear their language and their conflations. Every BlackLivesMatter supporter is a “Democrat” or a “Libtard” or a “Socialist” or a “thug” and so on. They consciously or unconsciously use the language of the perpetrators and beneficiaries of the injustices against their own people against their own people! In fact, they themselves would describe themselves as “Conservatives,” “Republicans” and, not too curiously, I’ve not seen any one of them that’s not a Donald Trump supporter. I’ve seen them parrot the senseless claim of Trump that he is being attacked by “the Deep State.” You listen to the ones who call themselves Christians and you wonder if they’re talking the same God or the same Christ.

Of course, I engage a few of them online here and elsewhere, but, beyond all that, I deeply worry about them. I wonder how a black person in 2020 can put himself or herself on the same column with Donald Trump, a man who has not hidden his racism in his desperation to use the culture war to win the American presidency, execute policies and use same for reelection. I cannot find what they see on his platform that tells them that Donald Trump really cares about them. I look at the ones in continental Africa celebrating Trump as a strong man and defender of Christians and I’m wondering what they are seeing and what they are reading. And I say even if Trump wins the forthcoming election using his racist strategies, wouldn’t he leave the place one day? And then what?

I have tried to think these things even from their perspective and I just cannot find any good, objective reason why they would believe what they believe now, except self-hate. Only self-hate will not make you sit up to what history is planting around us today all over the world. Are they not seeing the white people and the top white political, economic and social establishments rising collectively for the first time to support the BlackLivesMatter? When they see whole sports teams in Europe and America taking the knee before a match, what do they think is happening? When they see legislatures changing laws and working to change laws to reflect racial justice, what do they think? When tomorrow their today toddler children are reading about the odious history of Donald Trump as the President of the United States, what would they tell those children about their own role today? When this BLM that is already changing the face of politics and social relations worldwide finally achieves its modest aims recorded in history for the ages, where would these back sellouts hide their heads?

I just don’t get it. I understand partisanship, but I don’t understand self-immolating stupidity based on partisanship. Trump will come and go, racists will bark and fade because they are only in the open when they have political power backing them (like Trump today), but the fight for justice will never relent just as history will soberly record what is and not what people who are not taking note of all happening around them think. If you are a black person, it’s not too late, know thyself.

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