Big Egos: The Ruin of Businesses, Careers And Families

By Ikenga Chronicles May 20, 2018

Big Egos: The Ruin of Businesses, Careers And Families

–Sola Sorinolu

“…God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself…” 2 Cor.5:19.

Please read that scripture again.

Now let me ask you:

Who was the offended party? God or man? Who was the aggrieved party? God or man? God, right?

But that scripture says God, the offended and aggrieved party was the one who made the move for reconciliation. God didn’t wait for man to apologise. He initiated reconciliation through Christ! And we are enjoined in the Scripture to follow that example.

Families have been ruined because of men/women, husbands/wives who saw it beneath themselves to initiate reconciliatory moves when offended. Money has gone down the drain, organisations destroyed and workers shoved into the unemployment market because of businessmen who allowed their egos to overshadow this simple injunction of the scriptures in their dealings with their business partners, suppliers or financial backers.

When you are offended, God expects that you rise above the offence and initiate the move for reconciliation.

Know this for a fact: offences will always come. But when they do, you have to be like your heavenly Father. Else, you prove yourself a bastard. He initiated the move for your reconciliation with Him through Christ.

Imitate Him!