Should Big Brother Naija Be Scrapped?

By Ikenga Chronicles March 5, 2018

Should Big Brother Naija Be Scrapped?

The rave of the moment in Nigeria, nay, Africa is Big Brother Naija. The show, tagged “Double Wahala” obviously because of the new pattern of pairing housemates, dominates discussions both on Social Media platforms ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), and also in real life. Indeed, it is the one show/programme on cable television in Africa, that seems to rival football, in terms of dedicated viewership and fans.

Big Brother Naija of course comes with lots of drama. There are the gossips, the fights, the parties, the creativity as exemplified in the weekly tasks, and most dominant, the SEX. But the question that has continued to be thrown up is; is the show necessary?

Many have questioned the necessity of the show. There are a few who have even argued that the show is amoral, and thus not reflective of the “Nigeria culture”. Such people of course pretend that the Nigerian culture is predominantly all about morality and therefore everything done to project the culture must reflect this illusory morality. Then there are others who feel that the show is distracting. To the second school of thought, the Nigerian problem is too huge for the youths to “waste” time enjoying “frivolities”, when their energy and time should be channeled towards finding a way to tackle the leadership problems in the country. Nigeria, they say, has a huge leadership crisis facing her, and therefore, there should be no time for anything that does not contribute towards solving this crisis.

Yet the question of the necessity or otherwise of the show cannot be said to have been answered logically and completely by either of the two schools of thought, or even by the combination of the two. As someone once said, the problems of the society will always be there. There is never a time that all of society’s problems would be deemed to have been completely solved. Believing that a time like that will come, would be believing in utopia, which many agree, is an illusion.

What Big Brother Naija basically offers to its teeming fans is entertainment. Call it an escape from the reality of leadership failure in the country, or an embrace of immorality, but that would be faulty as those are not primarily what the show is about. The show is about entertaining viewers, honing the talents of the housemates, projecting aspects of the Nigerian culture to the entire continent and maybe the world, while ultimately providing a veritable platform for select Nigerian youths to launch their dreams, or at least give a large boost to the one they were already chasing.

There has never been a time that those who criticize Big Brother Naija have asked that football fans in the country should stop being fanatics of the game. There has also never been a time that Nigerians have been completely united in their definition of morality. A country with diverse religious and cultural practices cannot even lay claim to being united in deciding what constitutes right or wrong. Neither have we also risen together to censor the musical videos put out by our artistes!

Big Brother Naija therefore should be allowed to exist purely for the positive reasons that the organisers conceived it for. Those positives far outweigh the negatives being bandied about by the nay sayers!