Bianca Ojukwu: Is Senatorial Project Her Forte?

By Ikenga Chronicles September 12, 2018

Bianca Ojukwu: Is Senatorial Project Her Forte?

–By Philip Odoemena

I have not formally met Bianca Ojukwu, I was privileged to attend two public engagements here in Dallas Texas  when she accompanied her late husband Chief Chukwuemeka Ojukwu to the occasions. This article on Bianca Ojukwu is based on informed analysis of broad public believe (not just only on the likely voters of APGA) that Bianca Ojukwu’s senatorial project may stand out as an affirmation of esteem for APGA as well as for those voters who believed in the late former leader of defunct Biafra nation, Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu.

Recently, Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu declared her intention to run for the Ananbra South Senatorial seat on the platform of All Progressive Grand Alliance(APGA). Bianca’s declaration was not a surprise to most people. Right from birth, Bianca was born into a wealthy and political family. She was also married into a wealthy and political family. Apart from her academic prowess, Bianca has learned a lot from her father Chief CC Onoh who was the  governor of former Anambra State. In addition, she learned much more from her late husband Chief Chukwuemeka Ojukwu.

In spite of her experience and background in politics, education, and public life, including her diplomatic background (Bianca was the Ambassador of Nigeria in Spain), question is, is senatorial engagement Bianca Ojukwu’s forte?.

To start with, here is a summary of what the Senate does. Senators belong to the legislative branch of the government which is the part of the government that makes laws. A Senator’s job is to represent the people living in his/her constituency. Part of his/ her job is to write, vote, lobby on new laws called bills.

Having briefly outlined the duties of the senate, question again is, with the ways and manners in todays Nigerian senate,  can Bianca Ojukwu measure up ? Developments in the Nigerian senate, politics and personal intetests have tested the bounds of the senate as well as its ability to function appropriately. In addtion, Nigerian senate is most impeded by traditional bureaucracies including, but not limited to conflicts of personal interests in its daily machinations.  

Before attempting to discuss whether or not Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu is capable of testing the waters in the senate, it is proper to acquaint readers with the huddles ahead of her. Apart from the huge amount of funds that is involved in electoral contests, there are other factors in play. In the Anambra South Senatorial district, Bianca will be competing in the APGA primaries against two heavy weights namely, Chief Ifeanyi Uba and Chief Nicholas Ukachukwu. There is also the family conflict that may have a small dent to her candidacy.

With the primaries and the family conflicts, one may agree that her senatorial project is not going to be a free ride. This writer believes she has the ability to explore and identify untraversed areas in her favor which will help her to gain advantages over her opponents.

Most people from the South East estimates that Bianca has a good chance to win the primaries and go on in 2019 to win the seat for APGA.

Bianca has a lot in her favor. As a lawyer, she is very capable of writing bills that will benefit her constituency. If she is like her father, the late CC Onoh or like her late husband Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu she will fight to the end and stick with the people she is about to represent in the senate.

Apart from her academic achievements, Bianca has a lot going for her. She is personable, she has a recognizable presence, endowed with acceptable standards of decency civility, and probity.

It is widely believed that on average, women are more effective legislators than men, especially, when they are with minority party. Women tend to be more consensus-oriented, if Bianca has such traits in her and in conjunction with her charisma, Bianca may get along with the other legislators, cultivate allies among them, thereby ripping the benefits of compromise that may help her structure legislative  portfolios on issues of value to her constituency.

Everyone knows how tough and tedious elections are conducted and ran in Nigeria. The Abambra South senatorial seat is no exception. The race is not going to be a toss-up by any standard. Hopefully, Bianca’s numerous experiences and background both in the world and Nigerian stages, including support from people may catapult her to victory.