Biafran Story Is All Curves And Beacons

By Menkiti Onyebuchi Bernie June 1, 2020

Biafran Story Is All Curves And Beacons

The Story of the Nigeria-Biafra War seems like an abyss, no matter how vast you’ve read the prints, the harder it becomes to scamper through the bias, the emotions and the facts.

It is really an unending spiral, hard to believe some authors and cool to accentuate some biases, Fredrick Forsyth doubts, John de St Jorre account, Ojukwu’ Emeka and Because I was involved, Achuzia analysis, Ben Gbulie purview, Effiongs ‘My story’, Achebe’s treatise and et al.

The scampering unending of confusion, not knowing what to believe are unending; from the Igboness claim of the 1966 coup, the progrom and the death of Aguiyi Ironsi, the events before and after Aburi.

More so, Azikiwe’s sudden abandonment of Biafra, the role of Victor Banjo and Wole Soyinka in the Third Force, the claims against Ifeajuna to the Obafemi Awolowo’s claimed reputation of pronouncement of Oduduwa, Awolowo’s Biafran Blockage master stroke.

The perceived Banjo’s plan to assassinate Ojukwu, and his failed Western military push, more so the stake killing of Banjo and Ifeajuna in Enugu.

Additionally, Gowons state of mind, Ojukwu’s necessary AWOL to Ivory Coast, Philip Effiong’s swift surrender, the accord of joy and embracement of happiness by both troops, Awolowo’s drastic reduction of Biafra individual savings to a single paper, and the segregation of the indigenization policy in the 70’s which further impoverished the defeated Igbo.

The tale is tellingly shady, and full of curves and beacons.

To truly grasps the war story isn’t about grapes, it is wisdom and tenacity to read through lines.

Most knowledge of Biafra by Nigerians are largely on hearsay.

Open that Book, and learn…

These Books courtesy Dr. Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh


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