Between Trump And Trudeau, The Liar Is?

By Ikenga Chronicles June 10, 2018

Between Trump And Trudeau, The Liar Is?

— Vitus Ozoke

After the G7 Summit in Canada, Donald Trump accused Canadian Prime Minister of, wait for it, “making false statements”. Ok, first of all, on a wider social level, Canadians are the most decent people in the whole world. Canadians don’t make false statements, if by false statements is meant lies. On individual level, between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau, the entire world knows who the serial pathological liar is.

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Between Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump, one is the closest thing to Jesus that you can find; the other has lied so much and so many times that his pants, like satan’s, are on perpetual fire. But even satan’s hell must have frozen over for Donald Trump to have accused Justin Trudeau of lying. That accusation itself is a lie! It is just one more addition to Trump’s thousands of recorded lies since he has been president.

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Donald Trump is an unmitigated disaster! How do you fly from Canada to Singapore to summit with North Korean leader after behaving like a bull in a china shop at the G7 Summit in Canada? The big bully refused to sign the joint communiqué endorsed by the other six members of the G7 and falsely accused Canadian PM of lying. And now he is headed to North Korea to meet with Kim Jong Un to order him to completely denuclearize.

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Think about it. A man who cannot get along with the very personable and amiable Canadian Trudeau is now headed to Singapore to meet with a man who wields nuclear bombs and threatens to blow up mainland U.S; a man who calls him a senile dotard and his V.P Mike Pence a stupid ignoramus. Really? How does that work? Don’t hold your breath, America! Nothing good is coming out of Singapore. Not with this raging bully you call your president.