Between MMM, Nairabet and Buhari’s Government, Who Has Helped Nigerians More?

By Ikenga Chronicles December 5, 2016

Between MMM, Nairabet and Buhari’s Government, Who Has Helped Nigerians More?

One thing you first learn as a Nigerian is never to expect anything from the government. It is difficult to know at what time this culture is implanted in the average Nigerian, but from a very young age, almost all children in Nigeria learn that the government is just an institution that is there to give speeches, fight each other, and send its hungry security agencies to seek for all ways possible to intimidate the populace. At that tender age too, the Nigerian child learns that to have electricity, you buy a generator, to get water, you sink a borehole, to protect yourself, you form a vigilante (or buy a dog or employ your own security agents), for your health, you set aside loads of money for private hospitals, and for road, community effort is called into place. The government, the young child learns is only there to “collect” and not “give”.

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It is little wonder then that however possible, the average Nigerian looks for self-help ways to survive. In recent times, the means of survival was first betting sites like Nairabet, Bet9ja, Merrybet, etc, but has evolved to mutual help schemes like MMM, Givers Forum, etc. I had the chance of speaking to many youths when these betting sites first began to hold sway in Nigeria, and most of them stated one thing; “They give us hope.” And by “they give us hope”, the youths were talking about the fact that with an investment of N100 every weekend, the average Nigerian lived through with the hope that if he/she wins, he/she could get enough money to take care of pressing needs. This of course shifted the focus of most of the youths from crime–something no government policy has been effective in doing in recent years.

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Then came the Mavrodi Mundial Movement (MMM) and within months, it has become the rave of the moment, with millions of Nigerians willingly participating. Despite several warnings by financial experts and the government, MMM’s popularity has not waned one bit and the reason is quite simple; for a people used to catering for themselves, the MMM scheme offers an opportunity for financial growth, and no amount of warning from  government that offers nothing would deter the people. It is really simple, for the people MMM works, and the government doesn’t. So better to take the risk of losing it all, than live a stagnant life under a government that has not implemented a single progressive economic policy.

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The Buhari administration was elected on the platform of change. The amount of hope and belief placed on it during its inception by Nigerians was staggering. Fast forward to over one year, and the people are drowning in poverty and hunger. With no viable economic policy in sight, it was only natural that the people would embrace whatever else works. And MMM and Nairabet have been working for the people, albeit with a high level of risk. But as Nigerians are wont to say; “take the risk and join the millionaires”.

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It is necessary to sometimes  place side by side all three–MMM, Nairabet, Federal Government– and see the one that has made the most positive impact on Nigerians. From where I stand, even though Nairabet and MMM are high risk ventures, they are far ahead of Buhari’s government in impacting positively on the Nigerian people. I am yet to see any effort by the Buhari government to bring Nigeria out of the economic quagmire we are in. One dare say that in terms of being clueless on the economy, this government has set  a world record!

One day soon, the Federal Government, in its bid to always ensure that Nigerians suffer will ban MMM (difficult to see them banning the betting sites). But until they do that, it may be necessary for them to ask themselves why it is always easy for Nigerians to embrace such schemes. Confronting the truth is key to effecting lasting change.


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