Before You Condemn The London Embassy Ninja

By Ikenga Chronicles June 20, 2019

Before You Condemn The London Embassy Ninja

— Dr. Vitus Ozoke

The video of Jeffery Apkovweta Ewohime, a 32-year old Nigerian man who went ninja on seven vehicles at the Nigerian embassy in London, has gone viral. Five of those vehicles are embassy vehicles, all Mercedes brands.

Personally, I will never encourage or defend violence and the destruction of property – private or public. But, let’s be real here. There are only very few Nigerians, or anybody for that matter, who have ever been to any Nigerian embassy around the world, and who have not been tempted to do the same thing this young man did.

We can pretend all we want. People can condemn the young man all they want. The truth will remain that, deep within them, those folks will know and remember times when they came dangerously close to doing the same thing the young man did.

Nigerian embassies around the world are centers of corruption and incompetence. If you have been out of Nigeria for long, and have not been home, a visit to any Nigerian embassy around the world will remind you of why you are not missing the country. It is like a typical Nigerian government office – but just outside Nigeria. And that’s what makes it all the more frustrating. That you live in a country where everything works like a clockwork; where people do their jobs with a sense of duty and integrity; where the idea of bribery is completely strange; yet, here in this tiny corner of town is an imported racket going on.

Nigerian embassy staffers around the world are as rude as they are ignorant; they are as corrupt as they are uncaring; and their incompetence is matched only by their empty arrogance. It’s a complete racket! They openly and brazenly demand and collect bribes to do their jobs. Phones are never answered. There must be very few Nigerians who have gone to any Nigerian embassy around the world and who have left singing their praises with a sense of patriotic pride. It is that bad and sad!

So, instead of calling for the head of the London embassy vandal, the Nigerian government may want to take a big picture view of the problem. This may be an opportunity to look into the rot and stench that ooze out of Nigerian embassies around the world. It just may be that, in the final analysis, we are all Jeffery Apkovweta Ewohime waiting to happen.