Be Very Ruthless With Cattle Thieves: When A President Shows His Priority

By Ikenga Chronicles August 27, 2018

Over the weekend, one of President Muhammadu Buhari’s Personal Assistants on New Media, Bashir Ahmad, put out a tweet which reads;

“‘As your C-in-C, I want you to be as ruthless as humanly possible, Nigerians deserve some peace’ Pres. @MBuhari to troops deployed to curb bandits and other criminals in Zamfara and neighbouring states as he met them today at their operational base at the UMY Airport, Katsina.“

What Bashir tried to gloss over was that the “bandits” are mainly cattle rustlers (thieves).

It is important to take note that the bandits here are of course criminals. It is also important to note that their activities pale into insignificance when placed side by side with the actions of killer herdsmen who have been rampaging the country for years now.

A Vote For APC Is A Vote For More Herdsmen Killings

That the President of a country bedeviled by homunguous cases of herdsmen slaughtering people, and who has never come out with such strong worded directive to his military, to give such directives as it concerns criminals who only steal cows is troubling. More troubling is the fact that the same President had called on victims of herdsmen slaughtering to “accommodate their fellow Nigerians”, while he is now charging his military to deal ruthlessly with those who steal cows!

So for Buhari, it is; deal ruthlessly with those who steal cows, but accommodate those who slaughter human beings!

One must also note that on several occasions, while Nigerians complained about the atrocities perpetrated by herdsmen on innocent citizens, President Buhari had adopted a carefree attitude and even on one occasion admitted to not knowing that his Inspector General of Police had disobeyed him, as it concerns checking the menace of herdsmen. Nothing shows more that the said President did not really care whether or not herdsmen kill off the entire Nigerians, than that admission of not knowing that his directives to the Chief of Police were disobeyed. If he cared enough, he would have known. If he cared enough, that Chief of Police will be out of a job by now.

 The Carnage In Plateau And The Complicity Of Silence

And by showing this level of commitment to addressing the issues of those who steal cows, hasn’t the President shown whom he truly values?Human lives over cows?It is frightening!

One is therefore tempted to echo General Theophilus Danjuma and advise that Nigerians pick up arms and defend themselves as clearly, their President would not defend them, but would rather defend cows and deal “brutally” with all those who kill or steal cows.

If you are not yet scared of a Buhari second tenure as President, then something is seriously wrong with you. Only someone who loves death and suffering with a passion would want this President to stay in office beyond 2019.

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