BANGING: Bukwild Da Ikwerrian Partners With MC Galaxy And Seyi Law In “Show Me How To Fish” Remix

By Ikenga Chronicles October 11, 2016

BANGING: Bukwild Da Ikwerrian Partners With MC Galaxy And Seyi Law In “Show Me How To Fish” Remix

He began slowly, but steadily, paying his dues and working himself up the ladder. Today, it is impossible to find anybody in the Niger Delta and a larger part of Nigeria who has not heard and fallen in love with his hit song “Show Me How To Fish”.  It is a song that resonates with everybody. The song is simply a request for one to be given the wherewithal to fend for himself, instead of receiving hand-outs from people. That is the request of many Nigerian youths. It is no wonder then that both the young and old lapped it up with great gusto.

Bukwild’s success hinges somehow on his ability to draw from two significant artistes in Nigeria. He took the style of Duncan Mighty (who incidentally is his cousin) and the absolute humility of the incomparable Tuface Idibia. Hear him;

“People always like to talk about the humility of 2Baba, but I keep asking, why can’t we learn from him?”

He is thus easily accessible and a complete teetotaller. Ikenga Chronicles asked him about it, and he laughed hard and said;

“Omo, me na juice boy o! And chicken!”

A lot of people attested to that including his sister Susulick, who told us;

“Haha! I drink his part”

Coming from a closely bound family, it is no wonder that Bukwild is humble and extremely playful.

As at the time of this interview, Ikenga Chronicles asked about a possible remix for his hit track “Show Me How To Fish” and the possibility of a collaboration with King of hiplife Flavour.

“I love Flavour a lot. I really hope both of us will get to do a song together some day.” Bukwild told us.

“You don’t plan a remix of ‘Show me how to fish’ with him?” our correspondent asked.


“I would have loved to, but the remix is not with him.”

“Who is it with?” we asked

He hesitated.

“Will you promise me to not publish this interview until I am ready?”

Ikenga Chronicles accepted to do so.

“It is with MC Galaxy, the Sekem Master and my boss Seyi Law”

We wanted to know why he chose MC Galaxy and Seyi Law.


MC Galaxy

“They chose me sort of. See, it was the grace of God. I wanted Seyi Law to do the intro because he is good and he was really very kind to me, but I didn’t know how best to approach him. As God will have it, during one of Boss AY’s show, Seyi took the mic and when he was introducing me, he said in case if people didn’t know, that he is part of the remix of the song! We hadn’t talked about it, but I quickly rode on that!


Seyi Law

For MC Galaxy, I just got back from a show around past 1am and my phone rang. I picked and was shocked to hear the person introduce himself as MC Galaxy. I froze up! He then asked if we can do a remix of the song. I jumped on the offer! He asked when I can come to Lag,and I said baba, if tomorrow is not too near for you, I will come tomorrow! That was how I went to him and we did the remix”

But the incredible story of MC Galaxy’s support to the young Bukwild did not end there.

“Baba Galaxy asked me for the data for the song and I had to let him know that I didnt have it. You will not believe that the song wasn’t mixed and mastered because my producer lost the data.”

How did you handle it then, we wanted to know.

“Baba Galaxy’s producer had to build the beat from scratch! I was amazed. It cost me nothing!”

Bukwild had more fond stories of MC Galaxy’s love to share. But one of the key things we picked was that MC Galaxy himself did not try to reach out to Swizz Beats for a remix of “Sekem”. He too was called up by Swizz Beat whose wife—Alicia Keys—had fallen in love with the song “Sekem”.  Also, MC Galaxy lost his own data too!

For Bukwild though, it is about working hard, praying and respecting your elders and mates.


“I just want to do good music for my fans, respect my contemporaries and elders in the industry, and stay off negativity. My heart is filled with only love” he concluded.

Ikenga Chronicles was able to listen to the remix and can assure you that it is of the class of Tuface’s “African Queen” and Wizkid’s “Ojuelegba”.

Africa never lacks otherworldly talents!

Enjoy the video to the original “Show me how to fish”  below:

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