Argentina Win: Don’t Be Carried Away–Mutiu Adepoju Warns Eagles

By Ikenga Chronicles November 17, 2017

Argentina Win: Don’t Be Carried Away–Mutiu Adepoju Warns Eagles

Former Nigeria international, Mutiu Adepoju, has warned the Super Eagles not to be carried away by the victory against the Argentine national team in the Russia international friend played on Tuesday.

“I want to believe that what really worked in favour of the Super Eagles was the team spirit, teamwork, concentration and that I can do-it spirit. Many believed that Messi’s absence gave Eagles the confidence but I beg to disagree.

“Does it mean that without Messi they won’t play the game. Agreed that Messi is the world best and his contribution would have mattered but I don’t think he would have made any difference to change the outcome of the game,” he insisted.

On whether the outcome of the match shocked him, Headmaster, as he is fondly called, said: “The result against Argentina did not come as a shock to me. Yes, Argentina no doubt is one of the best football playing countries in the world, but I won’t say I was surprised with the result.

“The Super Eagles played very well and gave a good account of themselves. The biggest takeaway is that the outcome of the game is very important for the team to build up to the World Cup,” he said.

Asked if it is right to say that the Eagles are ready for the World Cup with the victory, Adepoju said: “It would be wrong to say that the team has arrived. The match really set the tone for the World Cup but we cannot rate the team with the victory in this international friendly. They still need more games to prepare. What I would rather advise the Eagles is to continue with this tempo.

“Let this victory not enter into their heads. They should not display that overconfidence, hearing people celebrate them for beating Argentina. They should not celebrate the victory as if they have won the World Cup.

“There are still so many games and matches to play and they should know that every game is different. They should keep their heads cool and continue with the preparations. They should not allow the victory get into their heads,” he warned.

The former Eagles wing wizard also commented on the crisis in the goalkeeping department, arguing that the defence, attack and midfield require the attention of the technicals crew ahead of the world soccer fiesta in Russia next year.

“I strongly believe that the coaches will know what to do,” he said.

“There is no debate on whether the second half was better than the first half in the goalkeeping department.

“I know that the technical crew will do what they are required to do before the World Cup. However, I want to say that it is not only the goalkeeping department that has a problem. They should continue working on all the departments,” he warned.