Are You Ready To Let Go?

By Simbo Olorunfemi July 3, 2020

Are You Ready To Let Go?

Years ago, I had this early evening meeting with one of the big telecoms companies on a sponsorship proposal for an event by a State Government. They were keen on it and things were really looking positive. I left Ikeja at about 3 pm and all was good until the descent into the island. I was running really late. The descent on to Onikan roundabout was on lockdown as we were quarantined on the bridge in our cars.

After the second call came in, asking how close I was, I started thinking more seriously about my options. I was alone in the car. But as crazy as it was, as I looked at all the frustrated faces in the cars around, I actually contemplated simply walking out of the car with my files, hopping on a bike. I mean, I contemplated abandoning the car on the bridge right there. Best case, LASTMA would tow it away. Worst case scenario, someone will make away with it. I thought about it and was quite satisfied, even with the worst case. But as I looked at the faces again, I just couldn’t imagine making a bad case worse.

But, for me, at that point. That car was nothing in comparison with the deal I was looking at. The dream was huge in comparison with the value of the car. I thought to myself – better let go of this car, go seal this deal, then buy yourself another car. I would eventually find my way down the bridge, find a place to park the car around Military street, hail a bike and make the meeting, though late, at Victoria Island. We eventually would seal the deal, weeks later, but the payment would not come in, for the agreement to be perfected.

For some reason, I found my mind bringing this back to me this morning, with this thesis – the higher your capacity to let go of what you have at hand, the greater your chances of realising your dream. The picture that came to my mind was of the Founder of that telecoms company and how he had lost 20 million dollars deposit he had made, on account of a botched bid for GSM licence and how years later, he would secure a licence of greater value than the one lost. I thought about the bidding itself and the cost involved – time, energy and resources. Of course, it is that way with most bidding processes – there is so much at stake, such huge risk, but to even have a chance at it, you have to sink huge resources.

As I thought about it, the phrase – ‘non-refundable fee’ kept playing in my mind. At every stage in life – from that school admission process – obtaining forms and all that, the system often requires you to make a deposit. For them, it is to affirm your interest and to weed away speculators or prospects who are not serious. But for the one who is putting down the fee, it is indeed, a demonstration of faith, a deposit in the bank of hope. It is not always about money, it can be anything. Even in relationships, it is a requirement or expectation. How willing are you to deposit that seed of faith?

As I see it, the level of a person’s capacity to sow that seed of faith, bar other factors, such as grace, determines how far that person is really willing to go with the dream. Securing admission in the University starts with buying the JAMB form, letting go of some money. Securing that job starts with putting in the application, or sitting for a test, investing some time and resources. Starting that relationship takes courage and willingness to go inbox to say ‘hi’ or simply wave a hand. But if you are serious, you know you will need to do more than that. You must be willing to write that one more proposal, attend that one more meeting, make that one more phone call. It is what it is. It is about letting go with pride so that you do not go of your dreams. It is about letting go what is in your hand so that you can apprehend that which is in your heart.

It takes being crazy, being bold, letting go of what you already have in pursuit of what you do not yet have, but can see. Remember, life already tells you a bird at hand is worth more than a few out there. Yet, often, you will have to let go of that bird to be able to catch bigger ones. Some had let go of that job. Some had to let go of school. Some had to let go of their favourite city or country. Some had to let go of familiar territory and faces. Some have to leave home or country, letting go of familiarity in pursuit of that dream. Sometime, you even have to let go of some dreams for bigger ones. You will often have to let go of comfort, familiarity, certainty and all that in pursuit of what only you, at first, can see.

Many times, there are no words to explain your dream or convey to other people the options you have before you. Sometimes, you simply have to let go of explaining. There is no point. They would never understand.

Alone in the car that day, I thought about it, there was no way I could explain the situation I was in to the people in the other cars. They had their own situations and dreams. They would have simply assumed me crazy if they had seen me taking a walk away from the car. But in mind, all options weighed, I was ready to let go.

Often, life is requiring of us to make that non-refundable deposit and submit that bid. You will win some, lose some. But we must never give up on letting go what we have, so that we can apprehend that which we desire.

Are we ready to let go?