Are Yorubas Easy To Enslave?

By Ikenga Chronicles October 8, 2018

Are Yorubas Easy To Enslave?

The conflict between former Lagos state governor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and the incumbent governor, Akinwumi Ambode, brought to the fore again, the servant-master relationship the Yorubas and Tinubu have.

While Ambode was clearly trying to carve a distinct path for himself, and consequently loosen the vice-like grip that Tinubu has on Lagos and the South West, Tinubu, conscious of that plan had acted fast and found a new loyalist in Babajide Sanwo-Olu. Sanwo-Olu’s job, for Tinubu, ultimately becomes that of ensuring that Lagos remains Tinubu’s company, which he constantly milks for his own benefit.

But what was more terrifying was the speed with which even the youths–who had hitherto praised Ambode when he was good with Tinubu– quickly switched and began to call Ambode unprintable names. These are the same class of people, who blindly support President Muhammadu Buhari despite his obvious incapability, just because Tinubu asked them to. This immediately reveals that for the average Yoruba person, self will is alien, as they must follow the dictates of a master. No wonder it has been so easy for Tinubu to pocket them and turn them to slaves that must at all times do his bidding.

Yet 2019 presents one of the best opportunities for Lagos and indeed the South West to break free from Tinubu’s enslavement, and finally breathe as free people. The 2019 elections are important in that it is time for them to stand up for once against a slave master, and ensure that for real, Lagos is no man’s land or property and that the people reserve the right to decide for themselves as rational beings.

So, in all its ramifications, 2019 will be a huge test of whether the talk that Yorubas are too docile and easy to enslave, is a myth, or indeed, factual.

The world is watching.