APC: Nigeria’s New Dominant Political Party Of Electoral Corruption

By Ikenga Chronicles November 28, 2016

APC: Nigeria’s New Dominant Political Party Of Electoral Corruption

Yesterday, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) declared the All Progressives Congress (APC)’s candidate in Saturday’s Ondo State governorship elections Rotimi Akeredolu winner. It was a massive feat by the APC candidate who will now replace a PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) governor Olusegun Mimiko. In September, during the Edo State governorship elections, another APC candidate—Godwin Obaseki– had also won despite majority of Edo people expressing discontent at the legacies of the man who handpicked Obaseki.

The emerging pattern therefore is that the APC has gone from an opposition party, to the ruling party, and further to the party that is beginning to dominate in all elections in Nigeria. A few years back, it was the PDP that was that dominant. One may then conclude that in Nigeria, it seems that the party at the center almost always wins all elections in the country.

But here is something to chew on:

During the period of PDP’s dominance, the universally accepted theory was that the PDP used “Federal might” to affect the results of elections. To break it further down, using federal might includes bribing officials, intimidating them to either deliver your candidate or face your wrath, and in fact manipulating the outcome of the elections in whatever illegal way possible. It was agreed that electoral corruption was the key to the party’s dominance. So we agree that the PDP was that evil. Now however, the party is no longer the dominant party, the APC is. So how did the APC manage to begin this walk on the path of electoral dominance?

It is necessary to also try and understand the rationale behind APC’s emerging dominance. A lot of people will of course attribute it to Nigerians desire for change. In truth, such people can only be said to be hypocrites as it does not seem that majority of Nigerians are enjoying the so called change that APC is selling. In fact, many Nigerians are reeling under the harsh business and economic environment that the present APC government has brought on them. About two years after the APC took over power at the center, majority of Nigerians would gladly trade their change for a plate of hot food. So then, what is the magic behind their dominance in elections now?

We have to all be truthful. It seems that this emerging dominance is also firmly anchored on a new form of “Federal might” just like the PDPs. With the party in control at the center, it has become easier for its members to easily manipulate persons and officials. For instance, many analysts have pointed out that Jimoh Ibrahim was specifically an agent sent to scuttle PDP’s chances in the Ondo elections. Several promises were perhaps made to him (there is a rumour of a seized business venture of his being released to him). This, coupled with the power to manipulate Justice Abang effectively made it impossible for the PDP candidate to campaign adequately. Let us for now not talk about the possibility of electoral fraud both in Ondo and Edo states.

Ultimately, what is key is to have a long thinking session, where the individual asks himself or herself; “what is the reason for APC’s emerging dominance?” Proper governance does not seem to be the answer. Federal might seems more like a legitimate answer. And if that is the legitimate answer, then corruption is the answer. So then, it seems that Nigerians traded an obvious form of corrupt contraption with a hypocritical and more dangerous corrupt contraption.

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