Another Implosion Hits APC As Buhari Lies About Tinubu

By Ikenga Chronicles October 6, 2016

Another Implosion Hits APC As Buhari Lies About Tinubu

Another implosion is already in the works, this time between the president, Buhari
and the leader of the party, Tinubu. Will the party survive this? Will Tinubu
forget, or will Buhari bring out the whip and again get someone sacked. Certainly, a
whole lot has changed in the APC.

Before you scream at Ikenga Chronicles for having something against President
Buhari, spare a second to see this.

On Monday, the President launched his second book in four days. The book, ‘Muhammadu
Buhari: Challenges of Leadership in Nigeria’, mentioned that President overlooked
Tinubu and Fashola to pick Osinbajo.

The Tinubu camp has not found this funny, and have got the internet buzzing with
activity. A 2014 letter in which the man famously called Jagaban rejected the vice
presidency slot has resurfaced. it reads:

“It is against this backdrop that I assess any action I take. Here I come to my name
being placed in consideration as the Vice Presidential candidate for our party, the

“I have laboured hard to move this party from being merely an idea in the minds of a
few into being a political organization that might win this election and govern the
nation in way that gives the people the hope and opportunity they seek. Nothing is
more important to me than to realise this dream not for myself but for the people of
this land I so love.

“I helped to build this party, giving no thought to seeking an elected office
because of it. My contribution to the party was never based on the expectation of a
later political handout. Nigeria is in trouble and we are well past the moment for
such narrow, selfish games,”

The president has been on a misfiring spree recently. Shortly after plagiarising
Obama’s speech, he was found culpable again as he lied about the Ogoni Clean-up,
asserting that it had started, and in the same speech, stated that General Electrics
was investing 2.2billion dollars in Nigeria, a statement the company refuted a few
days later. Somehow, it has all ended on the pages of newspapers. Will this go the
same way, or will the Jagaban prepare for a payback?

No matter where the bell tolls, the change party isn’t all smiles at the moment, and
the president’s habitual lies are not helping. Some have predicted a new mega party
to be led by a breakaway group in the APC and another in the PDP. So far, everything
seems to be working towards that point.

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