Anambra Election: APC The Biggest Winner

By Ikenga Chronicles November 20, 2017

Anambra Election: APC The Biggest Winner

The All Progressives Congress(APC) faithfuls were thrown into wild jubilation on Sunday afternoon, following the announcement of the results of the Anambra State governorship election by the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC). So many people were bewildered considering the fact that the party’s candidate Tony Nwoye came in second(with the winner having scored about three times his votes).

But what casual observers were unaware of was the “victory” the party was celebrating.

Prior to the election, one of the most commonly used expressions was “no Igbo man will vote for APC”. In fact, it was generally believed that ndi Igbo were anti-Buhari and his Hausa/Fulani/Yoruba party–APC. But when the election results were announced, APC had scored about 90,000 votes, and come in second!

The simple deduction from that is that despite the propaganda, the APC has begun to make inroads into the South East. So much has it gathered momentum that the South East’s beloved Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) was beaten by the party.

Of course, the PDP has its own problems chief of which are the party’s refusal to do away with godfatherism, its refusal to rebuild a structure that has clearly collapsed, and most importantly, the party’s helplessness in reigning in its attack dogs(whether they be governors, former ministers, or former aides).

With a PDP in disarray, what the Anambra election showed was that as a party, the APC more than in 2015 stands a chance to again win the Presidential election. This time around, the victory will be total as not only will the party win massively in the North and South West, it will be able to garner huge number of votes from the South East.

In 2015, the South East voted massively for Goodluck Jonathan because they called him their son. In 2019, with the PDP having zoned the Presidency to the North, and likely to present a candidate unknown to the people of the South East, voting at that part of the country will mainly be determined by the structures on ground. Anambra has shown that the APC now has the financial power and the structure to go head to head with the PDP in the South East.

Suddenly, 2019 has become a case of who can miraculously stop Buhari from having a landslide victory and not necessarily a case of who will defeat him. Therein lies the victory which APC recorded in Anambra.